Unusual Gifts for Tweens

So, do you have a teenager looming on the horizon? Not quite a teenager but also not quite a child is a tricky age and can be really difficult to buy for. What do teenagers like?  What is going to inspire them? We have put together a collection of Unusual Gifts that we think will go down well with kids as they enter their teenage years. Enjoy browsing the site for great Presents for Tweens here at The Great Gift Company

  1. So Hungry I Could Eat A Horse


  2. It's My Parents Fault Socks

    RRP: £7.00 £5.00

  3. 5 Minute Shower Timer


  4. Scratch-off-where-you-have-been World Map


  5. Magnetic Dartboard


  6. Sleep Well iMusic Pillow


  7. SpaceRail Perpetual Rollercoaster 5


  8. Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker


  9. Potato Zapper


  10. Planet and Ball Socks

    RRP: £5.00 £2.50

  11. Lucky Dip Gift Boxes


  12. Heat n Eat Popcorn Maker


  13. Did I Just Roll My Eyes Out Loud Sign


  14. 1001 Albums


  15. Robot Arm


  16. Robocup

    RRP: £8.00 £5.00

  17. Weekend Travel Bag


  18. Water Wars Water Pistol Game

    RRP: £20.00 £15.00

  19. Hearts Card Holder


  20. Globe Light


  21. Friendship Bracelets


  22. Portable Turntable


  23. Bike Repair Kit


  24. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life



Whether you are looking for a Gift Idea for a Tween Boy or Gift Ideas for a Tween Girl, you want to try and find something that’s completely new to them and unique from every other gift they have had. Some of the best years of your life are spent in the years between being a kid and teenager. Make the most of this exciting period in their life and get some Unusual Gifts for Tweens which they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.



Searching for Tweens Present Ideas can be tricky as they are in that stage of their life where they are still discovering themselves. When buying Presents for Tweens look at Unusual Gifts for Tweens that make them laugh, but also educate, learn or inspire them to do something extraordinary. The Great Gift Company has some tremendous Present Ideas for Tweens that will help you do just that. So sit back and enjoy our excellent selection.



So, you have been allocated the task of finding Unusual Presents for Tweens. Where do you begin?  First you have made the excellent choice of coming to The Great Gift Company. We have a magnificent selection of Gift Ideas for Tweens for you to choose from. And if you’re still undecided and need a little help trying to find those perfect Presents for Tweens? Why not give us a call on 0845 653 1048. Our expert team, who were all Tweens once themselves will be happy to recommend Gifts for Tweens from many of our best sellers. You can get in touch with The Great Gift Company online for more information and help on selecting a great Gift for a Tween.