Gifts for Male Friends

Buying Gifts for Male Friends is very easy with The Great Gift Company we have a brilliant range of Unusual Gifts for Male Friends that will certainly put a smile on their face. Our Gift Ideas for Male Friends range from under £20 to over £100 so there’s a gift to suit every budget. You can also look at our Gifts for Men, where you will find even more fantastic gift ideas.

  1. Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth


  2. Devilishly Handsome Gentleman Cushion


  3. BBQ Branding Iron


  4. All Media Easel Artist 150 Piece Set


  5. Bald and Beautiful Gift Box


  6. Best Ever Photography Tips


  7. Save Water Drink Beer Apron


  8. Devilishly Handsome Doormat


  9. Footballer's Gift Box


  10. Water Wars Water Pistol Game

    RRP: £20.00 £15.00

  11. Hello Handsome Muscle Minatures


  12. Always Wear Your Invisible Cape Mug


  13. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Sign


  14. Manicure Set for Men


  15. Get Well Soon Gift Box Hamper


  16. Lucky Dip Gift Boxes


  17. Glasses Repair Kit


  18. Mens Charging Valet


  19. Great Pub Great Walk In A Box


  20. Gummy Bear Chair


  21. Happiness Is An Inside Job Plaque


  22. Happiness Is.... Book


  23. Coat of Arms


  24. Instaflash Smartphone Portable Flashlight

    RRP: £13.00 £8.00

Presents for Male Friends

A good friend will love you no matter what you get them, but sometimes it’s nice to remind them why you’re the best. That’s where we come in. We have so many great Present Ideas for Male Friends you will be going straight to the top of that friend list! Just take a look a look out our Presents for Male Friends are we are sure you will find the perfect present to make their day.

Present for a Male Friend

We often get asked how do I choose a Gift for my Male Friend? That’s why we have narrowed down a brilliant selection of products so it is even easier for you to find the best present for a male friend. If you are still struggling to find a Gift for a Friend then you can always call our friendly team on 01448 669004 who will be more than happy to help you find the perfect Present for a Male friend.