Outdoor Games and Outdoor Present Gifts

When the sun occasionally does make an appearance in Britain we like to flock to the beach, parks and our gardens. After some delicious BBQ delights and perhaps a few drinks we often find ourselves partaking in a variety of Unusual Outdoor Games which can get quite competitive. The Great Gift Company have put together a wonderful selection of Unusual Games to Play Outdoors which involve the whole family and are sure to keep the kids occupied for hours on end. If you are looking for something else to compliment your Outdoor Fun Gifts, you may also want to take a look at Gifts for Men and Gifts for Her, where we have a wide range of exciting gifts that can be used both indoors and out.

  1. Skittles


  2. Giant Tumble Tower


  3. Garden Boules


  4. Giant Inflatable Football


  5. Archery Set


  6. Junior Golf Club Set

    Starting at £90.00

  7. Luxury Garden Croquet Set


  8. London's Hidden Walks


  9. Festival Gift Box


  10. Twister Picnic Blanket


  11. Water Wars Water Pistol Game


  12. Rounders and Baseball Set


  13. Water Bouncing Ball


  14. Tennis and Badminton Set


  15. Multi Sports Set


  16. Mini Golf


  17. Giant Pick Up Sticks


  18. Giant Space Hopper


  19. Quoits


  20. Stargazer Gift Box


  21. Table Football


  22. Crazy Cricket Set


  23. Basketball Set


  24. 5 A Side Football Set


  25. Escape London


  26. 100 Things You Must Do Poster


  27. Air Powered Soccer Disc

    RRP: £13.00 £10.00

  28. Dachshund Garden Seat


  29. Flamingo Umbrella


  30. Giant Bubble Set


  31. Giant Deluxe Chess Set

    Starting at £425.00

  32. Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Toy


  33. Jumbo Chess Set


  34. My Bucket List Journal


  35. Paintball Blaster with 500 Extra Paintballs


  36. Stomp Rocket


Gifts to use Outdoors

We are all probably guilty of spending a little too much time indoors, so by giving Gifts to Use Outdoors you can encourage your loved ones to “get out there” and enjoy what the world has to offer. Outdoor Fun Presents make an excellent and Unusual Gift Idea for both the young, the old and the whole family. So why not take a look at our excellent Presents to Play Outdoors and give someone a gift that keeps giving.

Unusual Outdoor Presents

Trying to think of some Outdoor Present Ideas? There are so many Unusual outdoor Presents that you probably haven’t even considered, right here at The Great Gift Company.  We have a wide range of Outdoor Presents to take advantage of the amazing world we live in. Our Selection of gifts are perfect for nearly every outdoor occasion, so instead of taking that same old boring bottle of wine to your next family BBQ or garden party why not take some Outdoor Fun Presents, we are sure they will give you the same, if not more amount of giggles!