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What to do to surprise your dad this Father's Day

What to do to surprise your dad this Father's Day

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Want to make Father’s Day 2017 truly special and really surprise your dad this Father’s Day?

Here at The Great Gift Company, we know what makes special occasions so great and have put together the following tips about what to do to surprise your dad this Father’s Day so you can be sure he is in for a real treat and a truly special day.

Unique Father's Day Gifts

Tip 1: Hang up framed quotes on his bedroom wall to read when he wakes up.

Frame some sayings such as: “Some people don’t believe in Heroes. They’ve never met my DAD.” and “A man can have many children, but a child can only have one father.” will send the immediate message to your dad that he is loved this Father’s Day, and you can choose to make these framed sayings yourself.

However, if you are a lacking in creativity and time, and really want to surprise your dad, you could hang the Father’s Day Chocolate Poem from The Great Gift Company on his bedroom wall. Therefore, when he wakes up, not only will he open his eyes to a heartfelt saying that shows how much he is appreciated, he’ll have some of his favourite chocolate bars to eat too!

Tip 2: Prepare him a Father’s Day Breakfast

And, surprisingly, we’re not talking about a traditional fried British breakfast. Instead, for a real Father’s Day surprise, why not toast some of his favourite bread, put the kettle on for a brew and crack open the Connoisseurs Choice Hamper?

The hamper contains some high-quality preserves, including strawberry jam and breakfast marmalade, as well as some sweet treats he won’t mind tucking into this Father’s Day!

Tip 3: Re-create some old family photos

Nostalgic and a bit of fun! Invite the family round, get old the old photo albums and re-create some of the pictures from your childhood. You could then put together an album of the new images for you dad to keep following Father’s Day.

Tip 4: Set up a Father’s Day competition

If you’ve got a fairly large family and your dad loves a little friendly and healthy competition, why not create an assortment of competitive activities for the whole family to enjoy?

Perhaps you could set-up a cricket match in the garden, plan a string of board games to play, or even opt for the Quiz Compendium or the Candy Grabber Game Machine for a real surprise!

Tip 5: Grant him the day off his responsibility and allow him to enjoy his hobby

As much as your dad probably loves being a Father, Father’s Day is a day where as his son or daughter, you can give him a break and shower him with gifts associated with his favourite hobby.

For example, the Professional Darts Set is excellent for dads who like darts, while Escape London will suit dads living in London, who love to travel.

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Ultimately, whatever your dads’ hobbies or interests, you’re guaranteed to surprise him with one of the many Father’s Day gifts from The Great Gift Company. If you have any questions about our unique gifts then Contact us online!