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Wedding season is now in full swing and if this is your first year of back to back weddings you may be a little hazy on wedding etiquette, so here is a short list of Do’s and Don’ts to get you through the ceremony, the speeches, the food and the dancing.


  • R.S.V.P to the invitation.  That look of surprise on the brides face when you turn up won’t be one of delight, and you may be in danger of being seated on the kids table.
  • Buy the wedding present early. If they have registered for gifts and you get there last you will be left with the £10 photo frame and the £400 coffee table. Check out The Great Gift Company's wedding gift ideas that are "off list" 
  • Learn the names of the bride and groom. If you are a plus one a friend of the bride or a distant cousin of the groom don’t get caught out. Memorise the invitation, you will be grateful. Now was it Kate or Kaitlin………?
  • Tell the parents of the bride and groom how great you think the couple are and aren’t they such wholesome people. The story about streaking in the hotel on the hen do should be kept to yourself.
  • Wear shoes you can dance in; you know your “classic” dance moves will be coming out sooner or later


  • Be late because you won’t get a good seat and if you sneak in during the ceremony that squeaky church door will give you away for certain.
  • Wear white, an old rule but still a good one especially for the girls; and do not wear a veil, you can’t pretend you weren’t trying to steal the limelight in a veil.
  • Spend the whole day on your phone or tablet - switch it off, particularly during the service. Remember that the Bride and Groom have selected and paid for a professional photographer or two; they don't want you spending the whole day and evening snapping away as well!

  • Get too too drunk, tipsy is good, spending the night in the portaloos doesn’t scream classy.

  • Cut the cake if the bride and groom didn’t do it first, just because its there doesn’t mean you can just tuck in, be patient, good cake comes to those who wait (or something like that)
  • Make an impromptu speech, if you’ve had a couple of drinks it really wont be as funny as you thought it would be.

Above everything else DO remember to smile and DON’T forget to have fun with the bride and groom on their big day!

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