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Unusual Wedding Gifts are the Perfect Solution

Unusual Wedding Gifts are the Perfect Solution

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The marriage season is fast approaching and brides-to-be everywhere have been stressed out for what feels like a decade. You, on the other hand, have remained completely calm. You’ve bought your new shoes (which are now polished and ready to go!) and have sent back your RSVPs with plenty of time to spare. So with most items ticked off your ‘to-do’ list, the matter of deciding on a wedding present is now glaringly obvious and can no longer be brushed under the carpet. Now your blood pressure raises a little.

In a world where couples increasingly opt to live together before marriage, the time when a new china plate was well-received is long in the past. Instead, you are faced with either a list that’s as dull as dishwater or an adventure trip spotting safari animals. How about buying them a unique wedding gift, off list, something that they won't have thought of and won't receive from anyone else? Unusual wedding gifts offer the perfect solution to your wedding present jitters!  

Of course, the lovely couple have not written their wish-list for no reason, but if you want to give them a special present (that they’ll really remember was from you!), then there’s nothing wrong with handing over one of the following unusual wedding gifts. It may even be refreshing for a bride and groom to have a surprise on their special day (they’ve been planning it endlessly for months after all!).  

Take a look at these three ideas 

A love mobile! (£200)

The Love Mobile makes for a lovely handmade and exclusive present that the newly-weds will not already have hanging in their home. From the bedroom to the kitchen, the love mobile looks incredible anywhere and offers an eccentric alternative to a painting or portrait. Handcrafted in France (the most romantic country!), the mobile is made from hand wrought metal and wire and measures approximately 54.5cm in diameter. It is undoubtedly a piece of art as well as a token of love! And the best thing about it is that it has three beautiful red hearts above a wire silhouette that’s shooting a bow and arrow. Thanks Cupid!

Love Mobile

Happily Ever After Frame (£100)

You can make the newly-weds day a true fairy tale with the Happily Ever After Frame. Words that remind them of childhood and dreams are much more special than a cutlery set, the words in the frame are mounted on thick cream card and are spelled out in old playing cards. Unique and retro, the frame allows you to give the new couple the perfect end to their day and wish them a real-life happy ever after!

Happily Ever After Frame

My Side Your Side Pillowcases (£35)

These My Side Your Side Pillowcases will stop any arguments yet to happen and put a smile on the newly-wedded couple’s faces in the meantime! Made from strong and smooth 100% Egyptian cotton, the pillowcases are a great gift for the bed-hogger and, arguably, the most unique present the couple will receive on their special day!

My Side Your Side Pillowcases

Even if these unusual wedding gifts haven’t saved you from your wedding present nightmare, hopefully you can see that there are plenty of options. From the sentimental to the hilarious (…to completely absurd), see what you can find!

If you can't find what you're looking for and you're still stuck for Unusual Gift Ideas then contact us at The Great GIft Company on 0845 6531048 and our friendly team will be happy to help