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Unusual gifts for new homes

Unusual gifts for new homes

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The Great Gift Company provides unusual gifts for new homes that are perfect for a range of people. Whether your son or daughter is off to university, you are buying a gift for newly-weds who have just bought their first home or are simply buying a gift for a friend, you’ll find the perfect gift for new homes here at The Great Gift Company. 

Gifts for homes from The Great Gift Company

Love and Laugh Wire Words (£8.00 each)

The Love Wire Word and Laugh Wire Word are stylish and suitable for contemporary homes. Gold coloured "LOVE" and “LAUGH” wire word wall decorations that sit suspended from the wall, creating an impressive 3D effect.

Will you laugh, love, or opt for both? 

Heart Shaped Wall Mirror (£27.00)

Following the love and contemporary theme, the Heart Shaped Wall Mirror is a gorgeous heart shaped mirror that hangs from vintage-looking rope. The mirror will look great in any room of your home and makes a great gift. 

Subbuteo Colour Changing Light (£24.00)

Make a house glow! This colour-changing mood light is completely unique and, most definitely, one for the lads! A great gift for a bachelor pad, the Subbuteo Colour Changing Mood Light reflects 16 different colours and runs on either 3x AAA batteries or a micro USB.

Bouffadou Fire Starter and Poker (£15.00)

Originating in France, the Bouffadou Fire Starter and Poker offers a safe way to start a fire from a distance.

The poker is not only perfect for those with their own open fire, the Bouffadou Fire Starter and Poker can also be used for BBQs and bonfires. It is also ideal for those who struggle to bend over. 

Sweet Heart Carnival Light (£55.00)

Retro and elegant, the gorgeous heart-shaped carnival light is an absolute must-have! A great gift for students, couples and individuals alike, you can’t go wrong with the Sweet Heart Carnival Light as an unusual gift for a new home!

Light Dome Lamp (£150.00-£200.00)

A gift that probably edges towards the higher end of your budget, the Light Dome Lamps are available in various sizes and make the perfect unusual gift for new homes. An artisanal piece, we recommend the lamp as a special house-warming gift for friends and relatives.

Complete with Edison style filament light bulbs, the Light Dome Lamp gives off a bright, warm glow and will please a range of people when it comes to their home.

More unusual gifts for new homes from The Great Gift Company

Take a look at more unusual gifts for new homes from The Great Gift Company. We know you’ll find something truly unique! For more information on any of the memorable gifts from The Great Gift Company, please contact us online or call us directly on 0845 6531048.