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Unusual Father's Day gift ideas

Unusual Father's Day gift ideas

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Still looking for a gift for dad in time for Father’s Day? Why not take a look at the following unusual Father’s Day gift ideas from The Great Gift Company?

They’re unique, original and offer something your dad won’t have seen before!

Find the perfect unusual gift

Five Lose Dad in The Garden Centre (£8.00)

Just in time for Father’s Day… Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy lose Uncle Quentin in the garden centre!

Five Lose Dad in The Garden Centre is a light-hearted, fun book that will offer your dad a laugh when he reads it this Father’s Day.

Where to go When Book (£20.00)

An informative guide from The Lonely Planet, the Where to go When Book is definitely a travel book from the experts and will help you plan the absolute best of holidays!

If your dad loves travelling, this book will definitely be a winner this Father’s Day.

F*ck That - An Honest Meditation (£10.00)

If your dad needs to take a closer look at the actual stress in his life, the F*ck That - An Honest Meditation book may just help him see that life just really ain’t that bad! Pull him back to reality this Father’s Day with this awesome, helpful and humorous book!

34-in-1 Multi-Play Games Table (£240.00)

Is your dad hot on a bit of fun competition? The 34-in-1 Multi-Play Games Table is bound to impress any dad who simply loves playing games with his family. In fact, the table provides endless gaming fun! Awesome!

Trick Golf Balls (£7.00)

Whether you choose to reveal to your dad that these are Trick Golf Balls, that is up to you! The unputtable, the destroyer and the popper ball are so much fun and will take the unknowing golfer by surprise! Look out!

Pig and Pints Gift Box (£25.00)

The Pig and Pints Gift Box perfectly combines Sharp's Doom Bar Ale, brewed in Rock, Cornwall with some of the best pork scratchings around from The Snaffling Pig! Brilliant!

Storm Glass (£18.00)

The Storm Glass is an historic, useful ornament that was invented in the 19th Century by Admiral FitzRoy and is used for predicting weather up to two days in advance.

Your dad is sure to be impressed when he can predict the weather, in advance. Fabulous! 

Father's Day gift ideas from The Great Gift Company

The Great Gift Company is the perfect place to find an unusual gift for him this Father’s Day. If you haven’t found the right gift in the above list, then discover our full collection of Father’s Day gifts now!

Happy Father’s Day from everyone at The Great Gift Company!