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Unusual BBQ Gifts for your BBQ Host

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Sun's out (some of the time) and that can mean only one thing: it's BBQ time! We’ve all read endless articles and blogs about how to host the best BBQ, but rarely do we come across advice on how to be the perfect BBQ guest. Of course, there are loads of tips in etiquette books, recipe books and online sites about how to be a great dinner guest. However, here at The Great Gift Company, we think that BBQs are more popular in the summer than dinner parties. Therefore, we have put together some helpful hints on how to be the perfect BBQ guest. Follow these 10 simple steps to really impress your host!

1. Let your host know about any specific dietary requirements. Even vegetarians can be catered for at a BBQ! Also, no host wants to be the cause of an allergic reaction or illness. It’s much better to let them know before the event (as much advanced notice as possible) so they have time to research and prepare!

2. Don’t bail on the party at the last minute -even if it rains (a little bit of water never hurt anyone!). When you’ve returned your RSVP to say that you will be going, you should attend (whatever the weather!). We all know Britain and your host probably has a back-up plan for a downpour (perhaps even a marquee!).

3. Try not to arrive more than 15 minutes late. Whatever you might think, it’s not polite to be any later! Unlike a dinner party, a BBQ host will probably wait for you before they start cooking. So what you think is giving them extra time to prepare, actually just makes them wait around for longer. Be over an hour late though and they’re very likely to fire up- so expect burnt burgers and frazzled sausages!

4. BYOB. That’s right, bring some alcohol to share like wine, cider or beer. Especially if you know you can drink half a bottle of wine before the BBQ is even burning! It is also polite to bring soft drinks for non-alcohol drinkers and children, perhaps an elderflower cordial or fresh fruit juice to shy away from fizzy drinks and sugary squash.

5. Bring one of The Great Gift Company’s unusual BBQ gifts as a present for your host. From brilliant BBQ aprons (£14.00)

BBQ Aprons

to the brilliant and very popular BBQ Branding Iron (£15.00),

BBQ Branding Iron

the Great Gift Company has a range of bar-b-cue gifts to dress and impress your host (and, of course, add a little extra banter to the event!).

6. Keep the ‘man in charge’ company. Okay, so it’s not always the man of the house stood over the BBQ, but usually men do love to be the BBQ chef. Help him out and keep him chatting so he can enjoy socialising too!

7. Don’t be the first to take the food. Wait your turn and make sure everyone gets their fair share!

8. Don’t moan! BBQs are for fun only! Leave work and life’s stresses at home. Friendly, polite chat is all that’s welcome!

9. Keep an eye on your children (if you have them!). It’s not an evening where they can run riot because mum and dad are putting their feet up.

10. As well as leaving your host with one of the many unusual BBQ gifts, don’t forget to say thanks! An obvious one, but saying thank you when you leave and offering to return the favour means a lot to hosts that have tried hard all evening to entertain!

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