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Unique Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Unique Gift Ideas for Birthdays

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Sometimes it can be difficult to stray away from the same old birthday gifts. After all, when we’re out shopping, it can be all too easy to pick up that bargain box of luxury chocolates, or bottle of red wine.

However, here at The Great Gift Company, there’s never a dull moment associated with our gift-giving experience! Take a look at the following unique gift ideas for birthdays and continue on into 2017 armed with a supply of fantastic birthday presents.

Unique Birthday Presents

Duck Wine Decanter and Water Jug (£60.00)

The Duck Wine Decanter and Water Jug makes a beautiful addition to a table, and is a gift that will impress both your recipient and, of course, any dinner guests they invite to tea.

The Duck Wine Decanter can be used for water or wine. It is a duck-shaped jug, made from glass, with a silver-plated base, handle and head. What makes this gift even more unique is the fact that the liquid pours from the duck’s "beak".

100 Things You Must Do Poster (£20.00)

Don’t let life pass you by! The lovely 100 Things You Must Do Poster has an art nouveau style aesthetic and will both inspire and remind the lucky recipient of lovely experiences they have had and those yet to come!

All in 38 Puzzle (£8.00)

Can you make every row add up to 38? Be warned, the All in 38 Puzzle sounds simple but is very difficult! Ready to test somebody’s IQ?

All You Need is Love Wooden Sign (£42.00)

The All You Need is Love Wooden Sign features the inspirational words of the Beatles, printed on a large wooden sign. Marvellous! And perfect for a birthday gal or guy who is all loved up!

Armillary Sphere (£99.00)

A higher budget birthday gift that won’t fail to impress, the Armillary Sphere features a globe at the centre that is encased by six rings. All of the spheres are movable, except the outer ring, and the Armillary Sphere will look great in any room or office. A sophisticated and unique birthday gift idea, don’t you think?

Bear Claw Back Scratcher (£5.00)

This isn’t just any old Back Scratcher! The Bear Claw Back Scratcher extends from 16.5cm, when closed, to 52cm when fully extended! Perfect to reach any itch!

Bee House (£11.00)

Made from sustainable wood, the the Bee House makes the perfect nesting environment for a number of different bees.

Being an endangered species, bees should be protected. Bees are important to our world and, therefore, this gift will please environmentalists out there, as well as those who take an interest in bees and garden wildlife.

More Unique Birthday Gift Ideas from The Great Gift Company

Still looking? We’ve got tons of unique birthday gift ideas at The Great Gift Company, have fun shopping! Contact us online for more information on any of our alternative gifts and presents or call us directly on 0845 6531048