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Top gifts for Halloween parties

Top gifts for Halloween parties

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It’s not all sweetness and light here at The Great Gift Company, in fact, we’ve also got some spooky gifts that are perfect for Halloween!

Whether you are having a night in with friends, heading out for a trick or treat, or perhaps dancing the night away, we’ve got some fabulous Halloween gifts for him, for her and for you!

So get ghostly and ghoulish, and take a look at the following top gifts for Halloween 2017!

Halloween Gifts from The Great Gift Company

Brain Power (£3.00)

These fruity Brain Power Sweets from Candy House make for the perfect Halloween treat. They’re red and blue brain-shaped fruit flavoured sweets that come in an awesome jar (that looks a bit like a medicinal jar!).

Horror Effects Sound Machine (£9.50)

This awesome machine is sure to freak everyone out this Halloween! What’s more, we love it here at The Great Gift Company!

The Horror Effects Sound Machine features horrifyingly brilliant sounds that are sure to impress people of all ages this Halloween. All of the 16 sounds are realistic and definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Large Bouquet of Chocolate (£25.00)

Perhaps one to store at home to share out among those creepy trick or treaters, the Large Bouquet of Chocolate is full of chocolate bars that will brighten even the darkest of days and, of course, the darkest of nights…

Replacement Body Parts (£10.00)

The Replacement Body Parts are totally unique and make for a great gift for those with a ghoulish and ghastly sense of humour.

The Box of Replacement Body Parts is a box of sweets shaped as bones, hearts, eyes, teeth and brains, which will certainly make your eyes widen!

That said, the sweets really are yummy and all of them are made from wine gums, apart from the eyes (which are foil-covered milk chocolate balls). Spookily delicious!

Zombie Shower Gel (£6.00)

Take a shower just like a zombie would this Halloween with the Zombie Shower Gel from The Great Gift Company. Oozy, bright, green and a perfect Halloween treat, the Zombie Shower Gel will definitely make a fun addition to Halloween 2017. What’s more, it is the perfect way to wash-off any fancy dress painting or make-up, especially when the kids don’t want to take their horror outfit off!

Happy Halloween from The Great Gift Company!

Happy Halloween! Guaranteed to impress, dazzle, frighten and delight this year - make sure to take a look at our halloween gifts!

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