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Top gifts for anyone that's up for a laugh

Top gifts for anyone that's up for a laugh

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Do you know somebody that loves nothing more than a good giggle? The Great Gift Company have lots of gifts that are perfect for those people that are always up for a laugh.

Funny gifts for any occasion

Whether they need a pick me up on a big birthday or you wouldn’t dream of getting them anything other than a humorous gift, you can browse our top gifts for anyone that’s up for a laugh below.

Bacon Toothpaste

Bacon Toothpaste (£6.00)

Get them something a little different with bacon flavoured toothpaste! It’s bound to get a grin and it makes an ideal gift for those with a great sense of humour and taste for a fry-up! Have a laugh with the Bacon Toothpaste.

Bald and Beautiful Gift Box

Bald and Beautiful Gift Box (£30.00)

If he can take a joke centred around his hair (or should we say, lack of it!), the Bald and Beautiful Gift Box is a great present that will tap into his sense of humour.

Featuring hair loss remedy pips, a buffer for baldy and a mug following the same theme, he will feel glorious in his baldness whatever the occasion! Order the Bald and Beautiful Gift Box today.

Bike Balls

Bike Balls (£12.00)

As we all know, road safety is just as important for cyclists as it is for motorists and part of that is being seen in the dark! These novelty bike balls will make passers-by have a giggle and will get any cyclist noticed in the dark.

A humorous gift and only the most daring of cyclists will attach the Bike Balls to the back of the saddle!

Bring Me Prosecco Socks

Bring Me Prosecco Socks (£12.00)

For any lady that loves the odd glass of Prosecco, these socks are a quirky gift for Christmas or a birthday! The bright pink socks have a cheeky message written on the soles which say, “if you can read this please bring me Prosecco!”

Buy the Bring Me Prosecco Socks today for a funny surprise!

Flying Pig

Flying Pig (£8.00)

From the bacon lover to the flying pig; a light-hearted gift that will simply add a bit more fun to anyone’s life. Simply fire the pig with the built-in sling shot and off he goes! Great fun for events and to keep the kid amused! Convince someone that pigs can fly with the Flying Pig.

Funny presents from The Great Gift Company

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