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There’s Still Time to Find Unusual Christmas Gifts from The Great Gift Company!

There’s Still Time to Find Unusual Christmas Gifts from The Great Gift Company!

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Panic not! You do not need to buy a crate of wine, festive chocolate or packaged Christmas mugs just yet! Here at the Great Gift Company we’ve got some unusual Christmas gifts your families and friends will love!

Which gifts will you tick off your list?

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Henry Desk Vacuum Cleaner (£9.99

Henry Desk Vacuum Cleaner


Struggling to find the perfect gift for your workaholic friend? Well look no further because we have found the perfect gift form them. The Herny Desk Vacuum Cleaner will help them keep every corner of their desk clean. Especially as it has it's own handy crevice tool what can fit perfectly into every corner. If you're intested this handy gift please check out our Henry Desk Vacuum Cleaner.

Stag's head store and display (£34.99)

stag's head store and display

A great gift for the home lover, the Stag's Heads Store And Display is an must buy for anyone who wants to freshen up there home style this winter.  Made for versatile use as it can be as anything from a ornament, to a pen pot or even a vase for the flowers. The vase is a personal favourate for us as the follower will act as antlers for the dear!  So if you are intrested in this stunning ornament please check out our Stag's Head Store And Display

Belgian Chocolate Hammer (£15.99)

belgian chocolate hammer

Do you have that one friend who is chocolate mad? Well slam great taste into their stocking this christmas with our amazing Belgian Chocolate Hammer. 250g of the finest belgian chocolate out there for that special someone. So please dont hesitate to check out the Belgian Chocolate Hammer now.

kent & Stowe Long-Handled Gardening Fork (£14.99)

Statement Bangle

A great gift for anyone who adores their garden! The Kent & Stowe Long-Handled Gardening Fork is up to 40% lighter than a standard garden tool. So it's perfect  for anyone with limited strenghth and mobility. If you're intested is easy to use garden tool please check out the Kent & Stowe Long-Handled Gardening Fork.

Vineyard Candles - Gin and tonic (£19.99)

Vineyard candles- gin and tonic.

All I want for Christmas is you! The Vineyard Candles - Gin And Tonic  is the perfect scent to get the friday night started for your special someone. This very unique candle is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to have fun and party. Don't hesitate to get this remarkable Vineyard Candles - Gin And Tonic.

Elephant Teapot (£16.99)

Elephant Teapot

Keep it traditional this christmas with this stunning Elephant Teapot, perfect for anyone who loves an afternoon tea party. You also dont need to worry about the eye-catching shape getting brocken in the the dishwasher as it's dishwasher-safe! If intrested please check out our unforgetable Elephant Teapot

Ladybird how it works (£6.99)

The grandparent

Still haven't got Grandad or Grandma a Christmas present!? Well look no further we have found the perfect little gift. The Ladybird How it works will surely bring a huge smile on their face this christmas.  So don't leave them out and buy them the Ladybird How It Works.

Glass Globe Decanter With Plane (£39.99)

Ted Baker Scented Candles

The Glass Globe Decanter With Plane is something else! The fine elegant  design, the stylish glass is smooth and clear and it looks good anywhere in the house! What more could you want? The stylish wood holds up the glass excellently with no problems. You must buy the Glass Globe Decanter With Plane now for someone in the family.

Gin Made Do It (£9.99)

gin made me do it

Still struggling to find the perfect gift? Or know anyonme who loves cocktails? Well make sure you get this wonderfully colourful and illustrated book for anyone who loves to drink. This quirky book will help turn yourself into a cocktail master in days. Be sure to buy this fantastic Gin Made Me Do It book and start learning today!

Geosafari Seascope (£27.99)

geosafari seascope

This unique gift creates the amazing opportunity see the creatures lurking in the ponds, streams and lakes. It contains a rubber eyepiece for more comfort and a better feel. Plus it has three LED light so the children can see all the wonderful creatures through the darker water. Be sure to buy the younger ones the Geosafari Seascope today.

Unicorn Mug With Decorative handle (£6.99)

unicorn mug

Have a daughter who's unicorn mad? Well be sure make there hot chocolates are even more magical with the Unicorn Mug With Decorative Handle. The unique handle will surely bring a huge smile to their face as soon as they lay theirs eyes on it.. Don't miss out and buy the Unicorn Mug With Decorative Handle now!

Cube Click Clock (£29.99)

cube click clock

Make sure no one loses track of time with this one of a kind wooden digital  alarm clock. It's perfect for the bedside table as it doesn't have any bright lights making it easier to sleep. The clock is completely powered off three AAA batteries. Make sure to get the Cube Click Clock as the perfect stocking filler. 

Pure Genius' Head Chef Apron (£10.99)

chef apron

Get the chef of your home this fantastic chef appron. It's also machine-washable so they wont have to worry about making a mess whilst creating their mast dish. It also contains two pockets so they have all their tools at the ready. Get the Pure Genius' Head Chef Apron today.

Virtual Reality Headset (£19.99)

virtual reality

Give your friends and family the future this year with the Virtual Reality Headset. With this out of this world technoligy you can explore anywhere you want anytime. From new crazy worlds to different countries. It also comes with an app full of games to play. Make sure you don't miss out on the Virtual Reality Headset.

Bright Side Receipts Tin(£7.99)

bright side receipts

We all have that one friend who is never organised and is always losing things. So why don't you help them out this Christmas by buying them this stylish tin for receipts. It's the perfect storage solution for any bits of paper and receipts you might need in the future. Be sure to get the Bright Side Receipts Tin for that someone this year.

 Unusual Christmas Gifts

Phew! We told you not to worry! And, what’s more, we’ve got tons more Christmas Gifts too so if you've left it to the last miute, we've got you covered!