The Top 4 Most Fun Christmas Gifts for Boys

The Top 4 Most Fun Christmas Gifts for Boys

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When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for boys, things usually start getting difficult.  Of course, you can go for obvious gifts like novelty items from his favourite film, a shower gel gift set or a chocolate bar (Toblerone often goes down well!), but what if you want to go for a gift that is a little bit different?

Here at The Great Gift Company, we tend to find that most boys like a laugh and, as a result, we stock a range of fun and unusual Christmas gifts for boys that are sure to get him grinning in no time.

Let the boys have their toys!

So, without any further ado, here are our top 4 most fun Christmas Gifts for boys…

Archery Set (£20.00)

Archery Set

Help him discover a new hobby with the Archery Set. Robustly made, the Stealth Archery Set can shoot over 12 metres (36 feet) accurately and makes an impressive "thud" when it hits a target.

The Stealth Archery Set consists of a bow and six safety suction cap arrows.

Eyetoons Board Game (£25.00)

Eyetoons board game

A brand new, fun family game that will be popular with boys with an ear for music.

Put your finely "tooned" musical knowledge to the test as you go head to head in a series of musical challenges. Can you identify the name of the artist and the song from the cartoon on the card? Can you hum the tune? Or draw it out?

A great game for playing across the generations as you crack the tunes and race around to the finish line.

Smallest Voice Changer in the World (£8.00)

Smallest voice changer in the world

Tiny in size but enormous fun- simply select one of four different modes, speak into the speaker and your voice will be completely changed!

The Smallest Voice Changer in the world works when you speak, hum, sing, cough, laugh, blow or sneeze, with hilarious results!

He’ll be playing havoc with the family in no time!

And finally?

Football Table (£225.00)

Football Table

The Finale of our Christmas gifts for boys, the Football Table is a stunning and masculine gift for 2015. Great fun to play with his mates or even the family on Christmas day, the Lunar Table Football set includes two footballs and comes with four handy cup holders and features smooth pole action. It really has been made to the highest standards by industry experts.

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