The Top 3 Christmas Stocking Fillers for 2017!

The Top 3 Christmas Stocking Fillers for 2017!

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Why not make a promise that there will be no half-hearted Christmas stocking fillers filling your family’s stockings this year?

In 2017, we should all say goodbye to the opened Christmas chocolates selection box (separated between stockings), and that annual Christmas mug (used until the 12th January, then hidden at the back of the cupboard and forgotten about until next year)…and say hello to the following innovative Christmas stocking fillers that will be sure to impress!

642 Things to Write About (£13.00)

642 Things to Write About gift is one of most unique and unusual of our Christmas stocking fillers and is a fabulous gift for anyone who loves writing and being creative.

Perhaps your daughter is always dreaming up stories and needs a bit of inspiration to get writing, or perhaps you want to have a poetry competition within the family on Christmas day. Whatever your reason is for filling a Christmas stocking with 642 Things to Write About, you’ll be giving away more than simply a gift, as you’ll be providing knowledge, creativity and motivation too!

642 Things to Write About is, ultimately, a collection of smart, funny and thought-provoking prompts that will inspire any kind of creative writing in no time!

An example of one of the prompts is: “Write the story of Cinderella from the point of view of one of the stepsisters”.

With 641 more prompts to spur on some creative writing, 642 Things to Write About is the start of hours of fun, thought and ingenuity!

1411 Qi Facts to Knock You Sideways (£10.00)

Another Christmas stocking filler that will fill a stocking (and a very lucky brain!) with knowledge, The 1411 Qi Facts to Knock You Sideways contains over a thousand incredible facts that will make you look at the universe in a whole new way!

Did you know? Traffic lights actually existed before cars and, apparently, lizards can't walk and breathe at the same time.

Chill Pill Candle (£10.00)

Does someone in your family need help unwinding, mellowing out or just keeping still? The Chill Pill candle is the perfect Christmas stocking filler solution!

Christmas is the perfect time to relax, surrounded by family and friends. What’s more, the Chill Pill candle consists of a soothing and calming blend of bergamot and sandalwood to relieve the stress of life’s daily hassles.

With 40 hours of burning life, the Chill Pill candle will last well into 2018 and hopefully encourage a calm and peaceful year ahead!

For more innovative Christmas stocking fillers for 2017, call the Great Gift Company on 0845 6531048 or simply have a browse of our unusual Christmas gift ideas.