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The Love to Cash Ratio Father's Day Gift Guide

The Love to Cash Ratio Father's Day Gift Guide

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This year we've asked some of the Great Gift Company team to share something about Father's Day. We didn't specify what the angle would be or what they should talk about; they all come up with something very different.

Here's the first one: from Nathalie in our Marketing Department.

A simple gift guide for your dad according to how much you love your dad/ how much cash you have to spend on a Father's Day gift for his special day.


Level 1- Love you a little/ I’m poor

Man Tin

If times are tough or you have a step-dad and you feel like you have to give him something this says, “I care, but not much" with the Man Tin


Level 2 - I love you/ I just got paid

For a dad who’s always been there for you like a perfect gent, but you know, you’ve finally paid off the winter’s heating bill so finances are a bit low. Spoil him with The Gent Gift Box


Level 3- You rock dad/ Let’s not talk about how much this cost

What do dads like? Sports and being able to tell you how great they used to be at sports. Buy him something sports related like this cool 5-a-side Football Set and it might inspire him to go play said sport in the garden and tire himself out, snoring out next to the fire for the rest of the day. #winning.

Level 4 - BEST DAD, EVERRRRR/ I just spent my inheritance

Luxury Fireplace Companion Set

Fact: Guys love fires. They like anything that reminds them how manly they are so this is a guaranteed hit. Plus he use this to show-off to his friends when they come over and smoke cigars by the fire. And you know, when they ask where he got that amazing fireplace set, he’ll think of you and just talk about how amazing you are. 

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