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Here’s the thing, Dads are special. They are, quite literally, one of a kind. Be grateful for him and all that he has done and continues to do for you by spoiling him with something special this Father’s Day.

Give a meaningful gift for Father’s Day

The fact is that most dads have enough “stuff” – they definitely have enough socks. So why not surprise and please with a gift that money can’t buy? Here are a few ideas that won’t cost you very much, or anything at all!

Spend time with your dad

The very best thing you can give your dad is the gift of time. Take him out for the day, just you and him, or bring the whole clan along if you prefer. Perhaps you can recreate a favourite memory from your childhood – go back in time and re-experience something that you first shared together all those years ago. Depending on his age and mobility you could go away with him for the day or weekend – go camping, climbing, walking, sailing, fishing, exploring etc. – or just drive him to the seaside and eat fish and chips with him on the pier and talk about old times. The possibilities are endless.

Create a Scrapbook Go through the family photographs and make a special scrap book or wall collage of photos he may have forgotten existed. Or, even better, get hold of photos from other family members and old friends, photos he might never have seen before and which he can treasure forever. Make a Mixtape Playlist

Although you may think that your dad is tone-deaf and hates music because he detests yours, chances are he was a bit of a swinger “back in the day”. Why don’t you find out by asking around what music he really liked and put a compilation together for him? He probably has an old record collection gathering dust somewhere. Get the old “discs” transferred onto “CDs” or into “mp3” so he can enjoy the music all over again! Or, if he can’t let go of his records, buy this Portable Turntable so he can play his favourite tunes and connect it to his smartphone!

Do some of his jobs

Is there a job round his house that really needs doing or that he can’t do himself? Why don’t you do it or get a gang together and do it for him? On a smaller scale, you could clean his car for him (carefully!) – wash, vacuum, clean, and polish his wheels inside and outside. Leave some sweeties and little notes hidden away for him to find when he least expects it! 

Make a Father’s Day Gift Basket

If your dad or granddad is getting on in years, perhaps he’d enjoy a hamper of special treats, the kind that he’d never dream of buying for himself. Buy a selection of his favourite foods and drinks and present them in a decorated box or basket.

Father’s Day Gifts from The Great Gift Company

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