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The Best Gift Boxes for Summer

The Best Gift Boxes for Summer

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Summer’s here, the sun is out and we’ve all got a bit more time to ourselves. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a birthday celebration, or simply a holiday box for entertainment over the summer months, we’ve got it covered here at the Great Gift Company.

1. The Best Gift Box for a Man who loves a BBQ

Beer ‘n Spicy (£29.00)Beer n Spicy

Your man’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps a friend or family member? Throw him a BBQ and unveil the Beer ‘N Spicy gift box, perfect for a man who likes his sausages sizzling and a traditional summer BBQ. He’ll imagine he’s holidaying in Mexico with Tequila flavoured beer too!

The Beer ‘n Spicy gift box contains:

-4 X 330 ml Desperados Tequila Beer 330ml

- Monty Bojangles Chilli Truffles

- Mondovino Spicy Moroccan Seed & Nut Crackers

- Westminster Black Waxed Cheddar Truckle 200g - a rich, creamy and sophisticated Cheddar cheese

- Black Jack Snacks Thai Chilli Crackers

And, finally…Chilliqueen Coriander & Shallot Chilli Jelly.


2. The Best Gardening Gift Box for her

Green Fingered Goddess Gift (£40.00)Green Fingered Goddess Gift Box

Want to test your hand at gardening this summer? The Green Fingered Goddess Gift is wonderful gift is the perfect gift for the would-be Green Fingered Goddess. The gift box itself is actually a gorgeous canvas garden Tool Bag which is perfect for carrying tools on the outside and cuttings, off-cuts and flowers, and inside includes:

- A humorous sign.

- A pair of pretty cotton gardening gloves with non-slip grips on the inside.

- A jar of twine and coloured labels.

- A wooden dibber.

- A bar of lightly exfoliating, creamy olive soap.

- A small jar of sweets with the words "Chief Digger Upper" on the front.


3. The best sweeties for the Kids!

Retro Sweetie Basket (£25.00)Retro Sweetie Gift Basket

Have this gift box of sweeties hidden away somewhere to last the summer holidays and treat the kids when they are well-behaved. You could make a treasure hunt, have competitions or include them in a raffle you do at home for the children.

The Retro Sweetie Basket contains:

-A Fruit Flavoured Wheel Lollypop

-Love Hearts

-5 Fizzers

-2 Sherbert Dip Dabs

-2 Haribo Tangfastics Mini Bags

-10 Fruit Salads

-10 Black Jacks

-A Sherbert Fountain

-A Sherbert Flying Saucers

-Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins

And that’s not all! One of the things that is really unique about The Great Gift Company is our brilliant range of Unusual Gift Boxes and Gift Box Hampers. While we specialise in Unusual Gifts for all ages, our range of Gift Boxes and Gift Hampers is growing all the time. If there is one you’d like to see or want us to help you put one together for you, particularly for over the summer months, just give us a call on 0845 6531048 and we’ll be more than happy to help.