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The Barbeque Expert

The Barbeque Expert

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The sun is shining the girls are sipping ice cold Pimms and the boys…..well, they’re discussing the merits of the barbeque with a beer in hand.  Isn’t it funny how most of the year the average Dad carefully exits the kitchen when the mundane weekly meal needs cooking but as soon as the sun comes out, there he is, taking control of the al fresco cooking! He becomes the ‘Barbeque Expert’.

You would think this is our opportunity to sit back, relax and watch the experts at their game, however do not be fooled. Being in charge of the barbeque does not usually include preparing the salads, potatoes or breads, laying the table or producing anything else which isn’t cooked on the barbeque. As an expert he cannot and must not at any point leave his designated position right beside the barbeque. In fact it is very important that he is regularly primed with ice cold drinks to keep him going. It is also vital that his fellow expert friends stay right beside him providing advice and tips on how to turn that perfect burger. It is of course extremely important that he has his own fine set of BBQ Tool Set (£30)  

BBQ Tool Set
Once the meal is eaten and the expert is congratulated on what a fabulous barbeque it was they must then sit down and relax for the rest of the day with a welcome cold drink in hand.

Try our Top Tips for a Perfect Barbeque

Plan ahead and marinade in advance, pop in a freezer bag and make it simple to baste several times before cooking – Hoisin Sauce on ribs is great.

Soak wooden kebab sticks in water for around 30 minutes to avoid scorching

Protect your fish with tinfoil when placing on the barbeque to avoid damage and scorching – Prawns or whole sardines are perfect.

Add a different salad – why not try spicy couscous or broad bean and pea.

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