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The article to turn to when stuck for Father's Day gift ideas

The article to turn to when stuck for Father's Day gift ideas

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Dad’s, they’re our heroes right? He’s always there for us, no matter what. They’ve watched us cross the finish line of our first half marathon, cheered us on at the sidelines of every football match, helped us to get our first job, picked us up when our bicycle got a puncture, rescued us when the car broke down, made us feel better when we were stood up on a first date and, above all, they make us smile when we’re not quite feeling our best.

The thing dads can’t help us out with, however, is surprising them with an unusual Father’s Day gift on Father’s Day. And that’s why we’re here to help at The Great Gift Company.

Fantastic Father's Day gift ideas from The Great Gift Company

Check out the following five Father’s Day gift ideas that will show your dad how grateful you are to him and how special he is to you this Father’s Day:

Big Cheese Wooden Board (RRP £50.00, our price £40.00)

If your dad is a fan of cheese, whether that be Wensleydale, Camembert or a simple cheddar, then he’ll love the Big Cheese Wooden Board.

Anything but cheesy, the cheese and chopping board is made of beautiful solid, hand-crafted beech wood cheese and has the words "Big Cheese" carved into the side of it.

Scratch off Adventure Travel Map (£25.00)

Perfect if your dad is a bit of explorer or avid adventurer, the Scratch off Adventure Travel Map features over 300 adventures and must-do experiences around the globe which you scratch off as they're completed.

At the very least, the Adventure Travel Map will get your dad dreaming of adventure this Father’s Day.

1001 Songs (£20.00)

Classics from Joni Mitchell to Kurt Cobain, Presley to Amy Winehouse, 1001 Songs picks through nearly a century of music to bring a collection of the finest recordings ever made. Your dad will love the endless information and music trivia collected in the pages of this awesome music-inspired book.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (RRP £40.00, our price £30.00)

The Bluetooth Wireless Headphones will mean that he’ll no longer have to tune out of ‘The Archers’, or his favourite radio programme, while he wanders to the kitchen to get the biscuit tin to accompany his cup of tea.

Made by people who specialise in best-in-sound quality, the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are compatible with iPad 2/3/4, Mini, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S and 5.

The headphones are worn over the ear and have wireless, Bluetooth connectivity so he can easily pair them with a Bluetooth-enabled device (if he is a bit behind on the tech front, you may have to pair the device for him, of course!).

The battery can play up to 18 hours of music or have up to 30 hours of talk time. That’s right, you can even answer phone calls with the integrated touch controls! Your dad is sure to be impressed!

Porthole Desk Clock (£45.00)

Elegant and classic, the lovely Porthole Desk Clock has a Quartz clock and features Roman numerals inside a functioning chrome-plated, liner-style porthole.

Mounted on a black wooden base, the clock can be folded neatly back into the black wood effect base box.

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