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Summer Sports Gifts for Men

Summer Sports Gifts for Men

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This week here at the Great Gift Company, we’re thinking a bit about Sports Gifts for Men. With Wimbledon behind us, as well as Royal Ascot and the golfing championships, the Tour De France has taken centre stage. And while we don’t fancy ourselves as the next Chris Froome, we’re celebrating his success as the winner of the Tour for the second time today. Inspired by this amazing achievement, we want to share a few of our Gift Ideas for the Sporty Man to get your men up, active and spur on a little competition!

Multi Sports Set (£60.00)

Multi Sports Set

Can’t decide on a sport? The Multi Sports Set is a gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family - it's perfect for a day out in the park or on the beach with family friends. It includes kit to play cricket, football, rounders/baseball, frisbee and beach tennis, so there is something here for all tastes, skills and weather conditions!

The Sports Puzzle Book (£10.00)

Sports Puzzle Book

This one is a much less active gift but does provide all-you-need-to-know guide about sport. Well, sort of! This pocket and handbag sized hardcover book is crammed full of terribly tricky crafty conundrums, all of them with a sports theme! Good luck!

Crazy Cricket Set (£45.00)

Crazy Cricket Set

A bit of a different take on cricket but fun and competitive all the same! The Crazy Cricket Set bats and stumps are manufactured from high-quality, moulded plastic and the set is supplied with soft "wind" cricket balls which removes the need for gloves and pads.

Play with the whole family and friends down the park to add a touch of activity and competition to sunny summer days!

And if these sports gifts for men haven’t persuaded you to get sporty this summer, maybe you’ll be able to write to us with the sports you will be participating in this week! We’ll share it in our blog and perhaps find Unusual Gifts that suits you! Get in touch!