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Stationery that every kid will want

Stationery that every kid will want

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When it comes to back to school, parents want to make sure their kids have the best school uniform, shoes, accessories and stationery, of course! That’s why, here at The Great Gift Company, we stock nothing but the best back to school stationery that every kid will want!

Unique stationery gifts

Sketch and Sniff Pencils (£8.50)

These are no ordinary pencils! Kids everywhere will enjoy creating masterpieces that a full of flavour when they go back to school this September.

Triangular pencils made of wood and lead, leave the aromas of exotic fruits, chocolate and vanilla as they are used, leaving a scrumptious piece of art that is almost irresistible. Their classmates will be incredibly jealous of their Sketch and Sniff Pencils!

Sketch and Sniff Pencils

Magical Unicorn Gift Box (£28.00)

Unicorns are always popular with kids of all ages so the Magical Unicorn Gift Box is a fantastic back to school gift! Including unicorn-themed stationery, this gift brings the magic from the summer holidays back to school. Perfect just before they head back to the classroom, they’ll love the Magical Unicorn Gift Box.

Magical Unicorn Gift Box

Positive Pens (£9.00)

Never underestimate the power of positivity! feature positive statements that will sure brighten any child’s day!

The pens have messages like 'Today is a good day', 'Positive vibes', 'Hello Beautiful' and 'Great idea', so they’ll never have a bad day at school again with the Positive Pens.

Positive Pens

Pencil Case to Personalise (£12.00)

All kids will enjoy decorating their very own Pencil Case to personalise. Not only can they decorate the canvas pencil case once, it can be washed and then decorated again!

The pencil case comes with 10 coloured marker pens and is perfect for doodling, drawing, washing…and repeat!

Hours of fun, they’ll have a different pencil case every week with the Pencil Case to Personalise!

Pencil Case to Personalise

Emoji Gift Box (£30.00)

Emojis are all the rage with the kids at the moment, particularly with the upcoming release of the Emoji Movie! Featuring an emoji pencil case and an emoji predictor pen, they will love the Emoji Gift Box!

Emoji Gift Box

Jungle Pal Stationery Set (£15.00)

There’s nothing kids won’t love about the Jungle Pal Stationery Set! The set includes a zipped pencil case, a giraffe ruler, set of rubbers and three animal erasers. Take a walk on the wild side with the Jungle Pal Stationery Set!

Junge Pal Stationery Set

Back to school gifts from The Great Gift Company

And there’s more where that came from! Discover the wide range of unique gifts available from The Great Gift Company! We are always on the hunt for exciting and alternative kid's presents