Start your Christmas gift shopping early!

Start your Christmas gift shopping early!

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Avoid the last-minute panic and start your Christmas shopping early with the help of The Great Gift Company! We offer an extenisve range of unusual Christmas gifts that will dazzle and delight even the toughest of gift receivers.

Whether the gift you're looking for is for your girlfriend or your grandad, The Great Gift Company has a range of unusual, memorable gift ideas that they are sure to love.

Unusual Christmas Gifts

Health Food Gift Box (£40.00)

Swap another Christmas Chocolate multi-pack or bag of Christmas-themed sweets, for our exclusive Health Food Gift Box.

For the ultimate edible gifts that are stylish and trendy, our Health Food Gift Box contains the latest, hottest and best-ever health food ingredients. These include: A jar of organic almond butter, organic coconut flour, a jar of organic coconut oil, a box of 20 Matcha green tea bags, a tower of quinoa rice cakes, a box of organic black chia seeds, a bag of quinoa flakes imported from the Andes and a delicious bar of Cocoa Crunch.

Emoji Cushions (£12.00)

If they are a fan of the new Pokémon-Go, then they’ll simply love the Emoji Cushions! In fact, we’re sure that everybody will love these tech-inspired, cuddly cushions.

Made from the warmest, fluffiest, fleece-like fabric, the Emoji Cushions come in different loveable characters from the Emoji world. You can choose from the Happy Poo, the Cool Sunglasses Dude, the Big Smiley Face or, our favourite, the Cheeky Monkey...such fun!

Faux Fur Handbag (£100.00)

Burgundy and faux fur are each set to be hot on the style trend this winter, therefore, you won’t get a much more stylish bag this Christmas than the Faux Fur Handbag.

Practical in size and über sophisticated, the Faux Fur Handbag is set to be a winning gift this Christmas. 

Prosecco Pineapple (£70.00)

We love, love, love the Prosecco Pineapple! It is, ultimately, a bottle of Vetriano Prosecco Brut that hides beneath no less than 80 Ferrero Rocher chocolates.... (yes, we told you that you would be spoiling someone!). 

Ferrero Rocher Tree (£50.00)

The golden, topiary-inspired, beautiful Ferrero Rocher Tree has more than 55 (yes, that's fifty-five!) Ferrero Rocher chocolates on it and will make a wonderful Christmas gift! Just make sure you don’t eat any of the chocolates before Christmas Day comes around!

Chilli Lovers Gift Box (£30.00)

Exactly as it says on the tin, if they’re a fan of chilli and all things spicy then they’ll love the hot, hot, hot Chilli Lovers Gift Box

Christmas gifts from The Great Gift Company

View our full range of fantastic Christmas gifts for ideas and inspiration. Avoid the stress of busy Christmas high streets and let The Great Gift Company allow you to really enjoy the festive season.

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