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Some of our Father's Day Gifts for Dads

Some of our Father's Day Gifts for Dads

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Here at The Great Gift Company, we offer a unique range of gifts for dads that will be loved by dads with all sorts of different interests. Whether your dad is a professional businessman, a cool dude or a complete an utter family man, he’ll love our Father’s day gifts for dads.

Some of our most popular Father's Day Gifts for Dads

Dad's Tin of Wonders (£8.00)

Most Dads have a special drawer or place where they keep random batteries, coins from defunct currencies, random keys and bits of "sticky stuff". With Dad's Tin of Wonders, he can keep all these "treasures" safely in one place, away from prying eyes (and ridicule!).

I Love My Dad Cufflinks (£14.00)

Smart, but not quite so sophisticated, these polished steel cufflinks have the words "I (red heart) love my dad" inscribed on each of the cufflinks.

First Class Dad Mug (£8.00)

Tell your dad that he is "First Class" with this mug.

Printed onto dark blue ceramic that's been made to look used and loved, the words "Reserved for a First Class Dad" are printed on the mug.

Dad Fuel Mug (RRP £8.00, our price £5.00)

This is undoubtedly one for dad. The red mug with cream writing and the wording "Ministry of Chaps - super premium - dad fuel - 0-awake in 2.6 mugs - caution - may cause onset of old jokes - ear protection must be worn" will cause amusement with any Dad (young or old!).

King of Daddies Gift Box (£20.00)

Let your dad be the King for the day with the King of Daddies Gift Box, the perfect gift for the Man who has Everything on Father's Day or perhaps you just want to give your old man an ego boost and let him rule for once?

Elegantly packed in one of our exclusive Great Gift Company gift boxes which has been sealed with gaffer tape, the King of Daddies Gift Box really is fit for a King and contains: An inflatable, gold and white coloured ‘King for the Day’ crown, a ‘King of Daddies’ mug (ceramic mug with the words "King of Daddies" on the front and "also King of Cookies" on the back) and a jar of Dishy Daddy mixed jelly beans.

My Dad Is a Superhero Spoon (£16.00)

Every superman daddy should be eating his power-breakfast with one of these vintage, silver-plated spoons which has been hand-stamped with the words "My Dad Is a Superhero”.

Please note that because these silver plated spoons are vintage, signs of its history may be visible (which only adds to its charm and beauty!)

The handles vary in design but every spoon is beautiful, unique and gift boxed.

Dad's Chair Ancient Monument Metal Sign (Our price £5.00, our price £6.00)

A fun and amusing metal sign inspired by the vintage Steam Railway Company signs. “Dad's Chair / Ancient Monument” is written on the metal sign which has string on the back for easy hanging.

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Of course, we have lots more Father's Day gifts for Dads here at The Great Gift Company. View our full range of Father's Day gifts online, and for more information on any of our great Father's Day presents, give our friendly team a call on 0845 6531048.