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Simply the Absolute Best: The Top 10 Christmas Gifts from the Great Gift Company

Simply the Absolute Best: The Top 10 Christmas Gifts from the Great Gift Company

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Although, we’ve still got a couple of months to go until we dust off our festivity and winter charm, and bring out the jolly bells and sparkling lights, here at the Great Gift Company we want to give you a head start when it comes to gift giving.

So let us share with you our top 10 Christmas gifts for 2018…

Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2018

1. Toothbrush Holder (£8.00)

Toothbrush Holder

It might sound a bit of a bizarre gift but our toothbrush holder is undoubtedly the gift of the year for 2018. What better way to encourage the children to clean their teeth until they’re sparkly and white than with a fun, modern and colourful toothbrush holder design. Bella has the pink body of a flamingo, Diego is the green body of a brontesaurus dinosaur and Grace is the orange body of a giraffe!

2. Talking Pet Bow Tie (£15.00)

Talking Dog Bow Tie

Dog Lovers will appreciate the Talking Pet Bow Tie. A remote controlled gift, the Bow Tie attaches to your dog's collar and then does the talking ...."It wasn't me" and "does my breath smell?" are just two of the phrases your dog will "say" when you press the button.

Your dog will certainly not go unnoticed on dog walks, that’s for sure!

3. Gummy Bear Chair (£30.00)

Gummy Bear Chair

Make life sweet with the Gummy Bear Chair. Who wouldn’t want to sit down and be embraced by a giant, squidgy bright red Gummy Bear?

4. Foodie Gift Box (£40.00)

Foodie Gift Box

Our exclusive gift boxes are loved by many. Beautifully presented and full of surprises, the Foodie Gift Box is the perfect gift for someone who loves their food and/or cooking.

5. Game of Thrones Monopoly (£35.00)

Game of Thrones Monopoly

The UK Collector's Edition of Games of Thrones Monopoly is customised and of the highest quality. It is simply an absolute must-have for any Game of Thrones fan!

6. Egg Cup and Toaster Cutter (£8.00)

Egg Cup and Toaster Cutter

How do superheroes start their day? With a superhero egg and batman toast of course!

The branded gift box contains a Batman egg cup, Batman egg topper, egg spoon and a Batman logo shaped toast cutter.

7. Cashmere Faux Fur Beanie (£60.00)

Cashmere Faux Fur Beanie

Not only will the Cashmere Faux Fur Beanie, keep you warm and comfy. The beanie is brightly coloured, super stylish and on-trend. It looks great with jeans and warm boots, and the pom-pom on the top simply seals the deal.

8. Retro TV Games Controller (£14.00)

Retro TV Games Controller

Go back in time and play computer games like you would have in the 80s with the Retro TV Games Controller. Featuring a choice of around 200 games, all you need to do is plug the controller straight into a modern TV to give you a gaming experience that was simply dreamt about in the 80s.

9. Cork Holder Frame (£75.00)

Cork Holder Frame

The Cork Holder Frame has a glass front and the words "There's always time for a glass of wine" written on the front.

Every time you share a bottle of wine with your family and friends, keep the cork and put it in the frame.

Warning: Not to be filled too quickly!

10. Pacman Ghost Lamp (£24.00)

Pacman Ghost Lamp

Based on the addictive PacMan maze game of the 1980s, the PacMan Ghost Light has around 16 different light colours which can be set on a number of different settings, depending on the mood.

Want more unusual Christmas gift ideas?

If these gifts haven’t got you excited for Christmas, then we’ll eat our Cashmere Faux Fur Beanie hat!  We hope you have found something in these top gifts that has tickled your fancy. If they don’t quite fit the bill, why not take a look at our collection of Christmas gifts to see what else we have available?

Want to talk to use about more unusual gift ideas? Then send us an email or give us a call on 0845 653 1048.