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Secret Santa Presents for Work

Secret Santa Presents for Work

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Dreading another year of work’s Secret Santa? Not so bad if you get one of the lads or lasses that you grab a coffee with every day, but what about when you pick out a name that requires you to wander through the office to attach a face to it?

Not to worry! The Great Gift Company have a range of brilliant Secret Santa presents for work that will please even those you don’t really know that well.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Check out the following desk-orientated Secret Santa presents for work that will put a smile on everyone’s face:

Flamingo Drinks Mug (£4.99)

drinks mug

A fantastic Christmas present for work, the Flamingo Drinks Mug is an environmentally friendly drinks cup because its made out of non-toxic materials and is guaranteed to raise a smile in the office. Get the Flamingo Drinks Mug today.

Stag's Head Stone And DIsplay (£34.99)


Help tidy that messy workers desk with the Stag's Head Stone And Display this Christmas! The beauitiful design will look fantastic on their desk. Whatever you put in the holder will look like the stag's antlers. Get the Stag's Head Store And Display today.

Magic Multi-Coloured Pencils (£19.99)

Happy Pencils

Bring a little light to office life with the Magic Multi-Coloured Pencils , the box of 13 bright and magical pencils have a combination of three different colours on each pencil. Perfect for colouring! Check out the Magic Multi-Coloured Pencils!

LIght Up Speech Bubble (£9.99)

Light up speech bubble

The Light Up Speech Bubble is a great desk accessory that you can can write on to show the office what mood you are in or to leave little notes. With the Light Up Speech Bubble they’ll no longer feel the need to announce their emotions to the entire office once again.

More Unusual Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Our selection of Secret Santa gifts is bursting with unusual budget gifts that are perfect for the office Secret Santa - and friends and family too!