Secret Santa gifts for colleagues under £10

Secret Santa gifts for colleagues under £10

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Secret Santa is an office tradition, you pick a name out of a hat and buy a fun present for that person to open in the last week of work or at the annual Christmas Party. £10 is the usual set budget, and with our selection of secret Santa gifts, you can find something fun and unique to give to your colleague.

Unusual Secret Santa Gifts

Unicorn Paper Clip Holder (£8.00)

This magical unicorn is a great accessory for any office desk! Give them a bit of magic for Christmas and help them keep organised with the magnetic Unicorn Paperclip Holder. It’s under budget at £8 and is a fun gift they can use at work!

Charades (£8.00)

Charades is a good old fashioned game that can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime, anywhere! With over 700 book titles, films and TV shows to guess, the fun will last for hours. Charades is a great gift for Christmas time as it’s best enjoyed with family and friends.

Why You’re So Awesome Book (£8.00)

If you’re great friends with your Secret Santa recipient, then r the Why You’re So Awesome Book will be a fun way to tell them how much you appreciate their work and friendship. Fill the whole book in yourself, detailing why they’re so fantastic. This is a special gift that purely money can’t buy!

Unicorn Giant Eraser (£7.00)

Unicorns are magical creatures and the Unicorn Giant Eraser is an adorable addition to any desk. Made from solid rubber, it’s an enchanting and magical way to erase all mistakes – the ideal gift for a colleague!

The Meeting Ladybird Book (£7.00)

Does one of your colleagues tend to lose attention in meeting? The Meeting Ladybird Book is a hilarious Secret Santa gift for adults about the chore of a meeting which doesn’t need to be a meeting. Give a colleague a laugh with The Meeting Ladybird Book at £8.

Depressed Pencils (£5.00)

There’s always one person in the office who moans a lot, so cheer them up with these Depressed Pencils for a fiver. With witty slogans on the side, they’ll cheer up any colleague who has had a bad day.

Vitapens (£7.00)

Highlighters are a necessity for any desk and the 10 Vitapens Highlighters make a fun and unusual gift for any colleague. Shaped like vitamin pills, they are sure to turn heads in the office! The pens come stored in a jar for a well put together gift from The Great Gift Company. Awesome!

Glass of Moods Wine Glass (£8.00)

Sometimes it can be hard to decide how much wine you really need after a hard day’s work, but with the Glass of Moods Wine Glass, you can choose exactly how much you need depending on your mood. Simply fill the level to ‘Don’t Ask’ for an exceptionally bad day, or have a small glass for a ‘Good Day’. A great gift for Secret Santa!  

Batman Playing Cards (£6.00)

An unusual Secret Santa gift that is perfect for colleagues who are superhero or comic book fans, the Batman Playing Cards come in a fantastic black matte tin. Each are decorated with graphics and are a great gift for an avid game player.

More Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues

If you still can’t find the ideal gift for your colleague’s Secret Santa gift, then you can get in touch with The Great Gift Company online for help finding your perfect Secret Santa gift. Alternatively you can call us direct on 0845 6531048 and we can help you find what you’re looking for. You can also browse our special Secret Santa gift range for a variety of gifts to match various different budgets.