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Secret Santa gifts for colleagues under £10

Secret Santa gifts for colleagues under £10

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Secret Santa is an office tradition, you pick a name out of a hat and buy a fun present for that person to open in the last week of work or at the annual Christmas Party. £10 is the usual set budget, and with our selection of secret Santa gifts, you can find something fun and unique to give to your colleague.

Unusual Secret Santa Gifts

Campervan Colouring Book (£8.99)

If you’re great friends with the artistic person at work, then be sure to get them the Campervan Colouring Book to give them something extra to do on their breaks. Colour the whole book in yourself creating crazy pictures. Be sure to buy the Campervan Colouring book!

Animal And Sealife Eraser (£4.99)

These amazing Animal And Sealife Erasers are the most adorable addition to any desk. All 20 of them are made from solid rubber, it’s an cute and colourful way to erase all mistakes – The Animal And Sealife Erasers are the ideal gift for a colleague!

Rainbow Mechanical Pencils (£7.99)

Help make there notes even more colourful and bright with the amazing Rainbow Mechanical Pencils. It has 12 crazy different coloured pencils which all have refillable lead. So they'll never run out. Check out the Rainbow Mechanical Pencils today!

Good Day Bad Day, Don't Ask Wine Glass (£16.99)

Sometimes it can be hard to decide how much wine you really need after a hard day’s work, but with the Good Day Bad Day, Don't Ask Wine Glass, you can choose exactly how much you need depending on your mood. Simply fill the level to ‘Don’t Ask’ for an exceptionally bad day, or have a small glass for a ‘Good Day’. The Good Day Bad Day Don't Ask Wine Glass is great gift for Secret Santa!  

More Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues

If you still can’t find the ideal gift for your colleague’s Secret Santa gift, then you can get in touch with The Great Gift Company online for help finding your perfect Secret Santa gift. Alternatively you can call us direct on 0845 6531048 and we can help you find what you’re looking for. You can also browse our special Secret Santa gift range for a variety of gifts to match various different budgets.