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Round-up for Rounders

Round-up for Rounders

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The game of Rounder is, without a doubt, one of the best, most fun and easily most popular of all the Outdoor Games which are traditionally played on long summer days.  Adults and children alike enjoy a good game of rounders, which is made even better if you get a good-sized group of players together. We have found a great Traditional Rounders Set which can also be used to play Baseball

Rounders Set

Now that Spring is officially over, we’re slowly getting into summer holiday mode. What’s more, the sun’s out and we’re putting our shades on in preparation to join the kids outside for some summer fun playing Outdoor Games

In case you've forgotten how to play, here's a refresher: 

What You’ll Need

A rounder’s bat

A rounder’s ball

Four posts (set out in a diamond shape)

A minimum of 6 players per team

How to Play


Every team member has a go at batting. The rules for batting are as follows:

The batter has to run, even if they miss the ball. You only get one chance at hitting the ball (as long as the bowler has thrown the ball correctly). If you miss though, you can only run to first base. The aim of batting is to hit the ball as far as you can, so that the fielders take a long time to get the ball back to a base. In the meantime, you run around the four posts to score a rounder!


When bowling, the ball must be thrown underarm between the batters knee and head, but not directly aimed at their body. The ball must not bounce. That said, if the batter wants to try and hit a ball that hasn’t been thrown correctly, then they can! But once they try, that’s their turn!


If two balls are bowled incorrectly (and the batter doesn’t attempt to hit them), the batter scores a half-rounder. A full-rounder is scored by running around the full, four-post diamond pitch. A batter can also score a half-rounder by getting to the first, second or third post, as long as they don’t get stumped on their way around. Being stumped, is when a fielder gets the ball to a post. In order to not get stumped, the batter must keep in contact with a post, until the next batter on their team hits the ball, and runs! Remember: Two batters cannot be at the same post…so get running!

Have a go!

Okay, so these rules are quite vague but if you know the basics you can have a good, fun game (with a little room for a laugh too!).

Rounders is also a good game to take along to the park, the beach or on the camping trip. It really is the perfect combination of competition and fun!

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