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Rainbow Nail Art Set

Rainbow Nail Art Set

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I have spent many an hour on Pinterest gazing at beautiful nail creations, by people who clearly have a lot more time on their hands than me. I love the idea of having crazy patterns all over my nails but I was sure if I ever gave it a go it would be a complete disaster. However, when the Rainbow Nail Art Pens arrived I decided to give them a go. And boy did I prove myself wrong.

In the Rainbow Nail Art Pen Set you get five colours: yellow, blue, red, pink and green. What’s great about them is you can twist the lid for a traditional brush but, if you pull the lid off, you get a precision pen-like nib. You can use these colours on their own as a traditional polish or as a base for your artwork. When I did it I chose to use a pearly white varnish I already had as a base so that the colours showed up more, but you can do whatever takes your fancy.

Being a wimp I opted for a simple flower print design;

a dot in the middle and simple lines away from the dot to create my daisies. I alternated all the colours so that I got to use all of them and get lots of multi-coloured flowers.

Using my right hand to paint my left all was going ok, surprisingly, but when the time came to switch I wasn’t too sure I could match the neatness of my right hand. However due to the accuracy and ease of use of the pens it was even easy to use in my left hand – result!

To top off my “masterpiece” I sealed the nails with a clear topcoat (which doesn’t come in the set) which sealed everything in place and gave my nail design a lovely shine. I was so pleased with my creation that I had a glass of champagne to celebrate.

To those out there who think that nail art is far too hard, I urge you to give these Rainbow Nail Art Pens a go - they really will surprise you. If you’re worried you’ll be terrible doing this on your own why not get some friends round and do each other’s nails to practise before you start on your own? Good luck and have fun!

The Rainbow Nail Art Pen Set is available from for £10. We have a large selection of Unusual Gifts for Girls of all ages - enjoy browsing the site