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Party Games for Christmas Day

Party Games for Christmas Day

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What better day to play party games than with your family on Christmas Day? Here at The Great Gift Company, we’ve got a plethora of party games for the 25th December that will make your festivities even more fun. Make sure you get the whole family involved, from toddlers to your grandparents, we’ve put together a great range of games guaranteed to bring you your loved ones’ competitive side.

Christmas Part Games for All Ages

From tv show games to family classics, as well as weird and wonderful creations, we’ve got a range of party games that is sure to keep your family entertained for hours. Browse some of our favourite party games for Christmas day below and let the fun begin!

Blockbusters Board Game (£12.99)

We’ve all fantasised about being a contestant on one of our favourite game shows, and with the Blockbuster board game, now you can! Younger members of the family will love getting trivia questions right and the older generation will adore the nostalgia the game brings. Take a look at the Blockbuster board game here.

Festive Indoor Snowballs (£5.99)

Each year we keep dreaming of a white Christmas, but unfortunately snow can’t always be guaranteed. That’s why here at The Great Gift Company, we love these faux snowballs, made scrunchy to give the illusion of the real thing. So, even if your Christmas isn’t white, you’ll still be able to have a snowball fight that involves the whole family with sixteen Festive Indoor Snowballs.  

Ani-mate (£12.99)

Your family will love making mini movies with this great game, Ani-mate! Winner of the Independent Toy Awards, this collection gives you everything you need in order to create a short film, including plasticine, stickers, tools and four different backgrounds. Why not have a competition and see who can make the best movie with Ani-mate from The Great Gift Company?

Pass the Sprout Game (£4.99)

The Pass the Sprout game has become somewhat of a staple of Christmas day in recent years. Even if you have an aversion to the vegetable, you’ll think this game is an absolute treat. With a prize under every layer, this alternative Christmas cracker and adult version of pass the parcel will be fun for the whole family. Why not add a Pass the Sprout game to your festivities?

More Gifts for Christmas Day

If our selection of games and activities has inspired you, then why not browse our wide range of novelty gifts, secret Santa presents and stocking fillers? Whether you are buying for friends, family or loved ones, you’re guaranteed to find something a little different from the Great Gift company. Shop Christmas gifts online now.