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Our top Christmas 2018 Secret Santa gifts for under £10!

Our top Christmas 2018 Secret Santa gifts for under £10!

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It is now getting to that stage of the year when workplaces up and down the country are preparing for a new year, and included in these preparations is the small matter of organising the annual Secret Santa!

Here at The Great Gift Company, we appreciate that it can be hard to think of suitable gifts for even close relatives at times, never mind work colleagues.

So, in this blog post, the TGGC team have compiled a list of 5 Secret Santa gilts for under 10 quid that are guaranteed to bring some laughter to the office this Christmas!

Secret Santa gifts for under 10 quid
Five at the Office Christmas Party (£4.99)

Five at the office Christmas Party

Do you have a colleague that is partial to experiencing embarrassing moments at the yearly Christmas party? If so, this side-splitting parody book by Bruno Vincent is perfect for them! This story sees George, Dick, Anne Julian and Timmy the dog face a wave of exciting yet embarrassing episodes at their office Christmas party.

So, show your colleague that they are not alone in embarrassing themselves when it comes to work outings by gifting them Five at the Office Christmas Party.

Manager Desk Sign: Of Looking Busy (£7.99)

Manager Desk Sign

If you have been assigned a colleague in this years Secret Santa that is the expert at being busy looking busy, then we have the perfect gift idea for you! Suitable for offices with a light-hearted environment this plaque is the ideal gift for any colleague who can take a joke!

To add this gift to your Secret Santa shopping list, check out the Manager Desk Sign: Of Looking Busy sign now!

Warning Desk Sign: I’m not OCD but… (£4.99)

Im not OCD warning sign

Have you got to buy a Secret Santa gift for that person in the office that is super-organised? If that’s the case, your search for the perfect gift idea has ended thanks to our I’m not OCD Warning Desk Sign. This playful gift idea ensures that no one will touch your colleague’s property without permission ever again, and costs just £4.99!

If you want to purchase this gift for your fellow employee, take a look at the OCD Warning Desk Sign now!

Coffee Mug: Helps get Sh*t Done (£6.99)

Helps sh*t get done coffee mug

If you are this year’s Secret Santa for that employee who simply cannot function without a good brew, then gift is ideal! Using colourful language to get the message across, this Victoriana ceramic mug will certainly not fail in letting everyone within the office know how vital hot drinks are in ensuring that your colleague completes their work-related tasks.

If you are struggling to think of a Secret Santa gift idea and this product has caught your eye, then check out our Helps get Sh*t Done Coffee Mug today!

Cactus Plant Pot (£8.99)

Cactus plant pot

Every office has that employee who really enjoys sprucing up their workspace, and if you have happened to have been given this person for this years Secret Santa then listen up as we have a great gift idea for you! Our Cactus Plant Pot can be used to home any type of plant and is assured to make an eye-catching addition to any desk!

Add our Cactus Plant Pot to your shopping basket now.

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If the Secret Santa gifts that we have showcased in this article aren’t what you are looking for, then don’t worry as we have a huge range of further unusual Secret Santa gifts for you to choose from! To find the perfect gift for your colleague, browse our Secret Santa gift collection now.

Or if you would like to contact our team with regards to any queries that you may have, you can do so by answering a few quick questions and contacting us online.