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Operation "Get-them-playing"

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The Summer Hols are almost upon you and while it is tempting to let them spend hours and hours in front of the TV, or DVD, or MP3, or PlayStation, or i-this and i-that - how about making it your mission to get the men and kids in your life to down their techhie playthings and come outside and play some Unusual Outdoor Games like we did "when we were growing up"?

The bonding between father and his children as they go off and fly a kite together.... games the whole family can join in with on long car or plane journeys....... outside games like quoits, dominoes, croquet, giant pick-up-sticks......

or perhaps they're smaller and would love to learn about bugs and insects and creepy crawlies and other nasties....... in which case they'll need one of these Bug Box and Magnifying Glass Sets

Bug Box and Magnifying Glass

and the whole family can join in and have fun with a good game of (indoors or outdoors) boules 

Garden BoulesWe have dozens of ideas to keep them all amused and entertained this summer - and if they do run off some steam with a good game of rounders

Rounders and Baseball Set

you won't feel so bad about letting them go back to their technical toys for a bit as well, will you?

For more ideas have a look through Great Gift Company's large range of Unusual Outdoor Fun Gifts right here