Mother's Day Gifts for the Mum who has everything

Mother's Day Gifts for the Mum who has everything

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Some mums are so super-organised that they really do have everything. Which, although, this makes for an efficient mum, makes Mother’s Day (and, of course, buying her any gift at all!) quite a challenge.

But, don’t panic, here at The Great Gift Company, we’ve got Mother’s Day gifts for the mum who has everything.

Popular Mother's Day Gifts for the Mum who has everything

Live Love Dance Sing Bangles (£60.00)

Whether your mum is a jewellery queen or loves singing, humming and dancing around the kitchen, she’ll love the Live Love Dance Sing Bangles.

The bangles are nickel-free and each one has words printed on the inside and outside of the bangle.

Buy them separately or, if you really want to splash out on your mum this Mother’s Day, give her all four!

The sayings are as follows:

Live ... as though heaven is on earth.

Love... as though you have never been hurt before.

Dance ... as though no one is watching you.

Sing... as though no one can hear you.

Her Royal Highness Gift Box (£22.00)

You simply cannot get a better gift for a mum who has everything…

Why not make her feel like a queen for the day and indulge her with the Royal Highness Gift Box, exclusive to The Great Gift Company?

The gift box is a brilliant way to thank her and show her how much you care. It is absolutely guaranteed to make her smile and score you masses of brownie points!

She’ll find in the gift box: The Queen of Awesomeness Mug, The Queen for a Day Inflatable Crown, and a jar of "HRH Royal Jewel Treats". Or "crown jewel" gummy rings.

Don’t mind if I do, Your Highness!

Enchanted Forest Colouring Book (£10.00)

Your mum might have everything, but we bet, here at The Great Gift Company, that she does not have her own colouring book (especially not a luxury one!).

Published in March 2015 as a follow-up to the million selling Secret Garden, The Enchanted Forest is a colouring book with a difference.

Appealing to mums as much as their children, this stunning colouring book will take her on a quest through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle in its heart.

When coloured in, the intricate and beautiful drawings reveal hidden objects and animals, as well as secret symbols.

This truly special and enchanting book will give hours and hours and hours of pleasure to your mum, whether she’s in front of the TV after a long day at work, watching her children’s gymnastics competition or simply sipping her weekend cup of coffee. What’s more, she may even want to frame some of the pages for some unique wall art in her home!

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