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Make Father’s Day 2015 His Best One Yet

Make Father’s Day 2015 His Best One Yet

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For some of us, the challenge to make this year’s Father’s Day better than previous ones will not be a great hardship. After all, an improvement on a bottle of beer and a mug with ‘I Love Dad’ printed on it, is hardly climbing the National Three Peaks.

However, there are others who have set the bar a bit higher. Perhaps, last year, you had a big family barbecue which made special, lasting and irreplaceable memories that you just can’t recreate.

Whether you owe it to your Dad to give him a great day or are struggling to top last year’s celebrations, here are five top tips to give your Dad the best Father’s Day yet!

1. Make Him the Perfect Cuppa

The best way to start the day is with a decent brew. Today though, make your dad’s cuppa exactly how he likes it (that means, if he likes two sugars, don’t leave one out to save calories!). Whether he likes it black, milky, lukewarm or with a teaspoon of honey swirled in, make him feel special and make his perfect brew. In fact, don’t let him boil the kettle all day to really spoil him rotten!

2. Go for a Walk or Run Together

Spend some quality time together outdoors (come rain or shine!). You can chat, share memories and perhaps visit a special place that he used to take you to.

If your dad enjoys exercising and raising his heartbeat, perhaps you could go for a run together. You might have a bit less breath to chat, but let him run rings around you and it’ll make his day!

3. Bake Him his Favourite Sweet Treat

The eye is in the detail here. It has to be his favourite! Any old cake won’t make the best Father’s Day yet! If you’re not sure, ask him. Some ideas are: Chocolate ale fruit cake, lemon cake, millionaire shortbread and traditional rock cakes. You know your baking skills. Stick within your means and make him his best treat ever! And, if he doesn’t like sweet things? My granddad loves home-made pasties that he can take to work, they’re simple to make and offer a great alternative to cakes and biscuits.

4. Choose one of the Unusual Father’s Day Gifts from The Great Gift Company

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Take a look at the Father’s Day Gifts from The Great Gift Company and see what you can find to make 2015 the best Father's Day yet for your dad

5. Get Creative 

Get your children to write a poem for their dad or granddad, or dabble in a bit of creative-writing yourself! It doesn’t matter if your poem is like a nursery rhyme or an award-winning ballad, your dad will feel special and loved.

For the ultimate dose of gift-giving, you could hand-make your father’s day card too! Okay, so we don’t all have time for Clintons’ high-quality style, but with a bit of glitter glue and newspaper, you’ll be good to go! And if you’ve got children, get stuck in with them and have a family arts and crafts morning! Sorted!

These tips should help you give your dad the best ever Father’s Day this year. Good luck and enjoy! Perhaps you could let us know if you are successful - we'd love to hear how you get on!

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