Luxury Christmas Gifts

Luxury Christmas Gifts

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Have you been very, very good this year? Then be sure to put the following gifts on your Christmas wishlist:

Faux Fur Buckle Collar (£53.00)

Faux Fur Buckle Collar

Beautiful, stylish, warm, elegant and guaranteed to lift even the most ordinary of coats or jackets, the gorgeous Faux Fur Buckle Collar will be warm and smart this winter.

Featuring a black leather fastener, the Buckle Collar is lined with lustre fabric and finished with the softest of faux furs. Lovely!

Luxury Garden Croquet Set (£135.00)

Luxury Garden Croquet Set

Fancy a game of croquet? A bit of a controversial Christmas gift (as it is so perfect for summer!).

Pimms anyone?

The superb Garden Croquet Set from The Great Gift Company is supplied with two different sized mallets to enable participants of different heights to play together and everything you need for a fantastic game of cricket.

Spitfire Screen Print (£30.00-£100.00)

Spitfire Screen Print

The beautiful, hand-made, limited edition Spitfire screen prints make for a nostalgic work of art which will last a lifetime. Hang them in any room of your house and you’ll be sure to have an inspiring icon on your wall.

Muhammad Ali Picture (£100.00)

Muhammad Ali picture

More on the lines of inspiration, the Muhammad Ali Picture features Muhammad Ali and his saying "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". The picture is a really great piece that is perfect for any man's den, bedroom, study or living room.

Deluxe Keepsake Turntable (£165.00-£185.00)

Deluxe Keepsake Turntable

The Deluxe Turntable looks like a suitcase and features built-in speakers, not only does it allow you to easily listen to your favourite vinyls anywhere you like by simply plugging it in to a wall, it also allows you to convert vinyls to CD in just a few simple steps. Brilliant!

Telephone Box Wine Rack (£330.00)

Telephone Box Wine Rack

Gifts don't get much cooler or unusual than this! If you're looking for a gift that's going to make a statement, be talked about for years and remembered forever then you can't go wrong with this Telephone Box Wine Rack.

Anyone for another glass?

Robotics Smart Machines (£100.00)

Robotics Smart Machines

Seriously scientific and seriously cool, the Robotics Smart Machines are sure to keep your 8 to 14 year old amused and occupied for days and days!

Anyone with even a passing interest in engineering and robotics will love this Robotics Smart Machines kit which contains everything needed to build eight robotic models (and after that, an infinite number as you become more willing to experiment and create your own model robots!).

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

Star Wars X Wing Knife Block

Bring the force to the kitchen with the Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block!

Fly into action with this set of five top-quality knives. Each of the stainless steel knives (Cook's Knife (20cm), Bread Knife (19.8cm), Carving Knife (22.5cm), Utility Knife (12.2cm) and Paring Knife (8.5mm)) are safely stored away in the chrome effect finished X-Wing sheaves.

All of the knives have excellent strength, durability and (excuse the pun!) a cutting edge.

Football Table (£225.00)

Table Football

Stunning and masculine, the Lunar Football Table set includes two footballs and comes with four handy cup holders and features smooth pole action.

Match? Game on.

Scooty Hover Board (£400.00)

Scooty Hover Board

Innovative, fun, but not for the roads (with a maximum speed of 6mph!). The Scooty Hover Board is the hottest, latest and fabbest gadget of the year!

Running off a top quality Samsung Lithium-Ion battery, the Scooty Hover Board has a 25km range and a charging time of 2-3 hours.

The King’s Banquet (£370.00)

King's Banquet

A luxury Christmas gift that is fit for a king! Sourced from all corners of the earth and extravagantly presented in a large (re-useable) wicker hamper, The King's Banquet will most definitely impress and find favour with the lucky recipients.

Heart Necklace (£30.00)

Heart Necklace

The simple and elegant Heart Necklace looks fabulous with a plain dress or top and, although, simple will definitely gain some attention (and all good too!).

Gold Pineapple Locket (£58.00)

Gold Pineapple Locket

Bring some of the exotic to Christmas, with the 22 carat Gold Pineapple Locket. This luxury Christmas gift is the perfect present for someone special.

The pineapple opens on a magnetic opener so a special message (or small thing) can be hidden or kept inside the locket - why don't you write one and put it in there before giving it as a gift?

If you are sending this straight to the recipient, order gift wrap and write the (short) message and we'll do it for you!

Spider and Fly Designer Cufflinks (£50.00)

Spider and Fly Designer Cufflinks

So unusual!

Elegant and timeless, and made in the UK from the finest materials, the hand-enamelled Spider and Fly Designer Cufflinks feature an image of a fly on one cufflink, and a spider on the other.

Cricket Ball Paperweight (£30.00)

Cricket Ball Paperweight

Are you a cricket fanatic? A stunning present for a cricket enthusiast, this silver plated Cricket Ball Paperweight is sure to bowl him over. 

Want More Luxury Christmas Gifts?

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