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Keep The Children Happy with Unusual Outdoor Games

Keep The Children Happy with Unusual Outdoor Games

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It can often be daunting for parents at the start of the school summer holidays, when we start thinking about how to keep the children entertained. Of course, we’ll organise days out on the beach, in the park and perhaps even a visit to a theme park! On the quieter days though, we worry that we can’t quite bring home the excitement of the playground. But don’t panic! Here at The Great Gift Company we have a large selection of Outdoor Games that will keep your children happy and enjoying the fresh air this summer. 

We also asked round the office and remembered some of the best outdoor games from years gone by:

Bean Bag Throwing Game

All you need for this activity is to purchase a few small bean bags and ensure you provide a safe area for your children to throw them in! You may wish to make the bean bag throw into a competition by seeing who can throw their beanbag the furthest, or perhaps draw a circle on the floor with chalk to create a target. You could even use props like a hula-hoop to incorporate the bean bag throw into an obstacle course!

Games in the Garden

Apple bobbing, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey and Hide-and-Seek, we’ve all heard of these classic party games that children will never tire of! Forget the Xbox, I-pad and television on the sunny days this summer and get back to basics! Children will have so much fun running around in a blindfold in the back garden and hiding in their favourite hiding places, perhaps invite their Nan and Grandad to join in too so that they can share these traditional games with their grandchildren!

How about the Great Gift Company’s Giant Pick Up Sticks (£20.00)?

Giant Pick Up Sticks          Giant Pick Up Sticks

One of the better Unusual Outdoor Games on offer this summer! A test of concentration and great fun, the children could challenge the adults to a game at a family BBQ or summer event. And if mum’s had a glass of wine…even better!

Build a Snail Farm

Okay, so some of us may find this prospect less-than-appealing but it’s great for those children that take an interest in nature and wildlife. Encourage your child to make a snail farm out of a plastic bottle or jam jar (be sure to put some air holes in the top first!). Then let them venture in the garden to fill the farm with grass, soil…and snails! They can let the snails out that evening and find some more the next day!

Outdoor Tent

You can either put a real camping tent in the garden that your children can use as a den or play area, or even make a hand-made tent out of old bed sheets draped over the branch of a tree. Get the children to help you! It will encourage teamwork and creativity, they’ll love their new space in the garden too!

Have a Picnic!

Your children will love a teddy bears picnic in the garden. You could make some sandwiches and cakes together in the kitchen, spread out a picnic blanket, invite a few of their friends round and watch them play in the sunshine!

And, of course, there’s the picnic in the garden, with a twist! The Great Gift Company’s Twister Picnic Blanket (£18.00)

Twister Picnic Blanket

adds a bit of fun competition to any picnic! It features the twister spinner and board game pattern for hours of fun and games once the picnic is packed up! The Perfect Picnic Hamper (£95.00)

Perfect Picnic Hamper

is another great addition for when the adults join the party!

These unusual outdoor games are great ways to keep the children (and even the adults!) entertained in the garden this summer. For more Unusual Gifts vist us at where we have gifts for the whole family and for every occasion.