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Ice Cream on Demand

Ice Cream on Demand

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The sun is out and what better time to introduce a new product? Spread the Ice Cream Love for the brand new SHAKE ‘N’ MAKE ICE CREAM MAKER and lucky old me got to test it.

Telling you that I am an ice-cream fan doesn’t even begin to tell you how much I love ice cream but so that I don’t end up the size of a house I don’t keep it in the freezer at home. However, this little beauty means that when I have an ice cream craving that will just not go away; there is finally something I can do about it.

With just a few simple ingredients and a small risk of tennis elbow you can make an ice cream portion for one person in 3 minutes (or 4 if you are lacking in energy) ; completely perfect as you can’t eat a whole tub as I have been known to do (do not judge! This is why there is no ice cream in my freezer)

The Shake 'n Make (£18) comes with a few simple recipes in the box but you can find many more online, or have fun inventing your own recipes. I decided to go with a simple vanilla for my first go.

You fill the bottom of the Shake ‘N’ Make with as many ice cubes as you can and the suggested amount of salt. Then you put the little silver pot filled with your ice cream ingredients on top of this, and then the lid for the silver pot followed by the large lid that covers everything. Now there is nothing standing between you and ice cream heaven except a whole lot of shaking; you really have to go for it and you look pretty hilarious doing it.

If, after 3 minutes of shaking (and think of the calories you will have burned as well - makes the ice cream practially "free"!?!) the mixture still looks a little runny, pop the lid back on and go again. I am a weakling so it took me about 4 minutess, but it’s all worth it when you take the lid off. I didn’t actually believe this would work but it produced deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream with a lovely smooth texture that is seriously moreish.

This was so much easier than I imagined and with amazing results, this little ice cream maker of joy will be living in my cupboard from now on for when a craving hits that I can’t ignore, and I will definitely be experimenting with lots of different ingredients.

Please send in any yummy recipes you come up with while ice cream making, we would love to see your creations and try them out for ourselves

If you're after something slightly larger to feed multiple ice-cream cravings, try out our Ice Cream Ball (£34)  

By happy coincidence July is National Ice Cream month - help to spread the ice cream love!!

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