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Happy Birthday Gifts for Him

Happy Birthday Gifts for Him

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Are you in a bit of a conundrum trying to decide what to get him for his birthday? Well, here at The Great Gift Company, we’re pretty sure we’ve got the missing puzzle piece to solve your gift-giving problems.

Look no further than The Great Gift Company for a selection of fabulous birthday gifts for him, no matter his age, character or interests.

The Perfect Birthday Gifts for Him

Old Git Gift Box (£20.00)
For the man with a few grey hairs!

The perfect gift for an older man who has a great sense of humour. The Old Git Gift Box contains a Grumpy Old Man baseball cap, an Old Git Wit Book full of witticisms and Grumpy Old Git Mints. Hopefully it won’t make him too grumpy on his birthday, maybe he might even crack a smile!

Phrenology Head (£57.00)
A gift for the academic.

Have you heard of Phrenology? He probably has! Phrenology is a pseudoscience which originated in the 1700s and focuses on the measurements of the human skull.

Phrenology is based on the belief that the human mind has a set of various mental faculties, and that each one is represented by a different area of the brain.

The Phrenology Head is a 44cm tall ceramic bust of a human head, displaying the various parts of the brain, and will make a fantastic birthday gift for the academic in your life. He’ll love to display the ornament in his office or study for an elegant and educational sculptural piece.

Fifty Places to Bike (£16.00)
A birthday gift for the cyclist.

In Fifty Places to Bike, Chris Santella and top biking experts reveal their picks of the world's greatest biking destinations.

Every type of biker, from mountain enthusiasts to road warriors, will appreciate the wide range of routes included. Perfect for both the truly adventurous and for those cyclists that prefer something a bit calmer.

Pad of Butter (Our price £5.00, RRP £8.00)
A birthday gift for the man with a great sense of humour.

Complete with vellum wrap and tray, the Pad of Butter is a notepad that looks just like a pad of Butter. Perfect for any practical joker!

Bald and Beautiful Gift Box (£20.00)
A gift for the beautiful, bald man.

The Bald and Beautiful Gift Box is a light-hearted birthday gift for the man who may be “follicly challenged”.

The smart and elegant gift box is sealed with silver gaffer tape and contains: Buffer for Baldy hair polish, hair loss rescue pips and a mug featuring a bald American Eagle and the words "Bald is best".

Unusual Gift Ideas from The Great Gift Company

If you’ve still not quite found the perfect birthday gift for him you can browse the rest of our range. For any and all occasions, choose unusual gifts from The Great Gift Company. For any information on any of our products you can contact us online or call us directly on 0845 6531048