Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

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The Great Gift Company specialises in Christmas gifts for girlfriends with all kinds of interests, whether she’s a food lover or an outdoors type of person, our huge range of Christmas Gifts is guaranteed to have a gift for her.

Spoil your girlfriend with gifts this Christmas

Buying a Christmas gift for your girlfriend can be a challenge, especially if she doesn’t know what she wants! So, if you’re looking for stocking fillers or a present to blow her away, look at the top picks from our Christmas Gifts for Her and find a special gift for her this Christmas.  

Game of Phones (£18.00)

A great Christmas gift, and a great laugh, the Game of Phones is a hilarious Christmas gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family and is sure to make your girlfriend laugh.

The Game of Phones has over 100 challenge cards which must be carried out by each player. Challenges include texting your parents and the first one to get a reply wins.

Endless fun and completely innovative, The Great Gift Company love the Game of Phones.

Boudoir Perfume Atomiser (£18.00)

A beautiful pink bottle that will hold up to 100ml of her favourite perfume, the Boudoir Perfume Atomiser is an elegant and sophisticated gift that will look excellent in her bathroom, boudoir or bedroom.

How It Works The Cat (£7.00)

A Ladybird book for adults, How It Works The Cat is a witty and humorous book that looks at the cat in more detail. The book is an excellent gift for a girlfriend who loves cats.

Nail Art Gift Box (£33.00)

For the lady who loves to polish her nails and experiment with nail art styles, the Nail Art Gift Box is a great gift for your girlfriend. Complete with a Nail Art Projects book with instructions, nail art pens and accessories, it’s a fabulous gift for any girlfriend.

Little Book of Hygge (£10.00)

What is Hygge, we here you ask?  Well, it stems from a Danish tradition that can’t be translated into one simple word.

It is a state of mind, relating to happiness, and gives off a warm and positive vibe that everyone wants a piece of.

The Little Book of Hygge is a great gift about an interesting tradition and if your girlfriend loves books, she’ll want to read all about the Danish secrets to happiness.

Cocktail Party Body Wash Gift Box (£32.00)

If your girlfriend is a party girl, this Cocktail Party Body Wash Gift Box is the perfect gift for her this Christmas. With a selection of body washes with scents of nine different cocktails, she’ll never get bored of these paraben and alcohol free body washes!


Harlequin Papilio Reed Diffuser (£11.00)

Beautifully packaged and a great Christmas gift, the Harlequin Papilio Reed Diffuser smells lovely and is a sweet addition to any home. Can be placed in any room in the home for a great smelling house all through the day and night.  

Treat your Girlfriend with Gifts from The Great Gift Company

The Great Gift Company have a huge range of Christmas gifts for Girlfriends that make entertaining, fun and enjoyable presents for Christmas. From jars of sweets to unicorn soap, you’ll find some awesome Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend. If you would like more information about any of the gifts available from The Great Gift Company you can get in touch with the team online or call us directly on 0845 6531048.