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Gift Inspiration From Copenhagen

Gift Inspiration From Copenhagen

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Gift inspiration from Copenhagen

Ok, I admit it. I am terribly biased about Copenhagen, Denmark . It’s my home town, so I guess I would be. But it’s more than that. Copenhagen is, quite simply, wonderful.

It’s calm, clean and organised, yet somehow manages to also be exciting and inspiring – a potent and rare combination in a capital city. It didn’t hurt that the sun smiled down at us from a clear blue sky during our five day visit and that we were able to eat virtually every meal outside. Perfect for people watching and as the Danes love sunshine they obliged by coming outside in their masses, zooming around on bicycles, dog walking, sailing, shopping and eating. Lots and lots of eating. And drinking. We Danes call it “Hygge”  - it’s an atmosphere that we try and create wherever we are and whoever we are with – like an atmospheric hug. It’s meant to be the happiest place on earth, which is perhaps why this sign greets visitors at the airport


While visits with family and friends was very much on the agenda, I was also in Copenhagen to check out their shops for inspiration and new gift ideas. Denmark, like most countries, is a bit slower at embracing online shopping that the Brits, so there are tons of small, unique shops and boutiques rather than the samey-samey high streets we seem to have ended up with here in the UK.

Scandi-style is fuss-free, some might say simple, and huge emphasis is made on the design and functionality of products. There is an abundance of silver and silver plate. At the main Georg Jensen shop I couldn’t help but smile at their window slogan “If silver could talk it would speak Danish”



I found some great things. Quite a few gift ideas are products we already sell at The Great Gift Company so that was really encouraging. But there were also a number of new Scandinavian brands that I shall be making contact with to see if we can stock their wares

A particular favourite brand is the high end costume jewellery designs of Dyrkerg Kern. They have been creating beautiful statement jewellery for almost 30 years and I think some of their pieces would work very well in the new Great Gift Company collection of gifts for women. Watch this space


I was also struck by the amount of liquorice and liquorice based products that are now being sold. Liquorice tea, chocolate coated liquorice, liquorice syrup, liquorice stock…. You name it, you can have it liquorice flavoured.  Hmmmm…. Much as l love liquorice I’m not sure I’d enjoy Liquorice flavoured beer?! 

Copenhagen is great for shopping (not just for gifts, but for everything!) and makes a great long-weekend destination. Meanwhile I am back home and shall now get stuck into trying to import some of the unusual gifts I found for  as well as go on a diet!