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Gift Ideas for Purrfect Pets from The Great Gift Company

Gift Ideas for Purrfect Pets from The Great Gift Company

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Here at The Great Gift Company, we know how much love a pet receives from their owners, and therefore we have launched a range of gift ideas that are perfect for your furry friends.

Take a look at the following gift ideas for purrfect pets from The Great Gift Company. They’re fun, fabulous and will show your cuddly canine just how much they mean to you!

Gifts for Cats and Dogs

Dog Biscuit Wreath (£20.00)

Woof! Why wait until December to deck the halls with boughs of…dog biscuits? Santa has come early and brought a treat for your canine companion; the fabulous Dog Biscuit Wreath.

Featuring 13 large bone-shaped treats and 13 small treats, your precious pup won’t know where to start!

Cat Hampurr (£49.00)

Unlike dogs, our feline friends are very particular about their treats; while a dog will pretty much eat everything, cats like the finer things in life. The Cat Hampurrr is guaranteed to get you their attention for at least 5 minutes, while they break away from their busy and all-important schedule.

The Cat Hampurr contains: an award winning cat bowl, a Bertie the budgie Catnip toy, nibbles and treats, as well as luxury patés. 

Deluxe Dog Hamper (£49.00)

Of course, we couldn’t have a cat hamper for sale without offering one for man’s best friend. Dogs should have something to show for their loyalty! After all, offering unconditional love 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is exhausting.

Here at The Great Gift Company, we think that every pooch deserves a prize and the Deluxe Dog Hamper is perfect for treating your pup for Christmas or their birthday. The Deluxe Dog Hamper arrives beautifully packaged in a dog bone shaped wicker basket, so your canine counterpart knows exactly who it’s for!

Inside the basket, there is: doggy popcorn and biscuits, as well as a range of other dog treats. What’s more, the hamper makes for the perfect storage basket once your pooch has made his way through his treasures!

Dog Ball Launcher (£150.00)

Fetch! The game of fetch has just entered the 21st Century. Your furry canine friend will never be bored again once you get a Dog Ball Launcher. Countless hours of fun await your dog in addition to the wonderful health benefits of regular exercise.

The Dog Ball Launcher is an innovative device that teaches your dog to drop a ball into a launcher which then fires, projecting the ball up to 9 metres, much to your dog’s pleasure.

Gifts for Pets from The Great Gift Company

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