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Get a gift for the man who has everything from The Great Gift Company

Get a gift for the man who has everything from The Great Gift Company

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Looking for a gift for a man who has everything? Whether he is a chilled-out chap, music maniac, football fanatic, mad for biking or a keen adventurer, we’ve got gifts for the man who has everything at The Great Gift Company.

Gifts for him for any occasion

Imagine what you'd try Spoon (£17.00)

"Imagine what you'd try if you knew you couldn't fail" has been hand-stamped onto a beautiful, vintage silver-plated dessert spoon.

Totally exclusive to The Great Gift Company, this inspirational spoon is a wonderful gift that will be used and treasured for many years.

Because the spoons are vintage, they are all different and each has signs of its history which only adds to their charm and beauty.

Professional Dartboard Set (£80.00)

The tournament-quality Dartboard Set and black cabinet comes complete with accessories. The Dartboard Set includes a 17 3/4" diameter roundwire bristle dartboard with silver number ring which is inset into a smart, black cabinet. The cabinet can be closed when the set is not in use.

The set comes with two sets of brass darts with black nylon shafts, two sets of flights, two bar wallets, chalk, duster and instructions.

Why drag? Book (£35.00)

Why Drag? This is the question British photographer Magnus Hastings has been asking the most glamourous and fabulous drag queens of the world for over a decade, all while capturing all their enigmatic beauty through the lens of his camera. The answer? Because it's limitless.

Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures (£8.00)

An awesome gift for a body-loving beefcake who works hard at keeping his body trim, and his six-pack and guns in shape. 

The Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures is a set of three bottles, each shaped like a man's muscled torso. The set includes: Ab Oil (body oil), Peck Rub (moisturiser) and Gun Gel (shower wash).

Henry Microfibre Screen Cleaner (£6.00)

Does he own a number of screens? An iPad, iPod, laptop, or iPhone etc.?

Then he’ll love the Henry Microfibre Screen Cleaner from The Great Gift Company. Everyone's favourite cleaner comes to the screen! Computer and smartphone screens, that is!

This cute little super-soft Henry features a soft base which is perfect for cleaning glass surfaces such as tablets, phones, kindles and the like free of dust.

Garden Tool Belt (£11.00)

Rather than putting the secateurs in a pocket and then leaving the string on the potting table and forgetting where it was left, the Garden Tool Belt keeps everything in one place and ready to hand.

Find the perfect gift from The Great Gift Company

Not quite found that perfect gift for the guy who has everything? Then, take a look at The Great Gift Company’s larger selection of gifts for him. The Great Gift Company specialises in gifts for him for any occasion. You can browse the range online or contact us direct by calling us on 0845 6531048