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Our team of girlies ventured north early this morning, with our moods lifted by the glorious sunshine and Jessie J on the stereo. Destination? Birmingham's NEC and The Gadget Show 2012. 

None of the three of us had ever been to a show dedicated to "gadgets" before and we weren't really sure what to expect.

We were all pleasantly surprised. It was mind-blowing.

And that was just the stuff we understood.

There were entire stands full of gizmos that we couldn't even categorize. We tried to act blase when groups of 10 year olds went straight up and started playing!

The show is really well organised and the gadgets are helpfully in "areas" around the halls eg all the games in one place, all the latest in car stereos in another etc 

We were completely blown away by a display that showed the progress of technology. The first home computer? 1980

And who remembers how thrilled we were to get hold of a Sony Walkman that played our cassettes? Or, even more exciting at the time - the Discman? Looking at one today, we realised a Discman is about the size of SIX iPhones!?

Yes, technology has come a long way and there are awesome developments every day. And great gadgets.

Our favourites? Some of the 3D home cinemas were just incredible - we wouldn't ever want to leave home! And even though we are not "gamers" there were some pretty amazing looking games (certainly had all the guys hooked!)

So we did find about half a dozen really cool things that we will be testing and considering for inclusion on The Great Gift Company's website - gadgets that we think the men and boys will love - we'll keep you posted

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