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Foodie Dice - Play with your Food

Foodie Dice - Play with your Food

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We all know how boring it is trying to think up new meal ideas all the time, its easy to get stuck in a food rut and just repeat the same meals over and over again. So here at The Great Gift Company we were keen to give our new foodie dice a roll. 

Foodie Dice

The idea is you roll the dice (choosing the right di for seasonal veg) and it dictates your ingredients for your meal and even gives you a cooking method, mindless food choices at its best but with hundreds of yummy combinations.

I gave it a go and got:


Chicken or Tofu


Green Beans


Pan Fry


Not a bad combination at all, and you can play around with it a bit too, I’m dieting (yawn I know) so I substituted potato for butternut squash and I threw a bit of wine in the sauce as well, because what is food without wine.


The result was delicious and healthy and required barely any brain cells, perfect for when you stumble through the door after work, completely exhausted and entirely lacking in imagination. I was sceptical about the dice and thought perhaps I just got a lucky combo but when I threw the dice a few more times all the combinations came up trumps.

 Ta dah!

These handy little dice are going to become a sure fire way to mix things up  in the food department, give The Foodie Dice a go and see for yourself

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