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Father’s Day gift ideas for your Dad’s annoying habits

Father’s Day gift ideas for your Dad’s annoying habits

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Most dads, as we all know, have habits. From the good (linking arms with us in the street), to bad (leaving damp towels on the beds and sofas), to the downright ugly (toe nail clippings scattered all over the bathroom floor).

Useful gifts for Dad

Dads are annoying, but they’re always there when you need them and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to remind him that he’s appreciated. The team at The Great Gift Company have come with a few unusual Father's Day gift ideas that might help to hone some of his habits!

Man Tin Money Box (£7.50)

Dad's Man Tin Money Box is a tin in which your dad can keep all his loose change safely in one place. It can also be used to store other rubbish, for example, a mobile phone charger that no longer works, rusty Alan keys, dead batteries and bent screws. All the things your dad loves to keep because he ‘might need’ them one day!

F**king brilliant pencils and notebook (£22.00)

Add a bit of humour to your dad’s working day and say goodbye disorganised dad, hello control with these F**king Brilliant Pencils and Notebook! A hilarious present for the working man who is very busy and doesn’t always know where he is and what he’s doing. He’ll be able to pencil in as many meetings as he likes with his new notebook and pencils with attitude!

Case of Award Winning British Beer (£75.00)

Although this gift isn’t exactly taming the drinking habit, it might just encourage your dad not to go down the pub so often! The Case of Award Winning British Beer makes a great present for Father’s Day too! It includes 12 delicious ales for your Dad to drink at his own leisurely pace!

Shopping Trip

Dads aren’t exactly well-known for enviable style so why not take him on a shopping trip and kit him out for his next special event? Okay, so it’s not always the case that Dads have no style, but if your dad needs updating, then a shopping trip will make a great gift this Father’s Day.

Devilishly Handsome Gentleman Cushion (£6.00)

Mark your dad’ territory (the armchair) which this Devilishly Handsome Gentleman Cushion and you can remind him every time he sits down what a great dad he is! Plus, it will stop any other family members from sitting in spot!

Help him do his DIY       

Does your dad put up wonky shelves and build the flatpack the wrong way around? Stop all his bad DIY habits with the Odd Job Measuring Tool (£32.00). It’s designed to measure all the awkward angles so your dad can get his shelves straight for once!

Find a Father’s Day present from The Great Gift Company

You can find the perfect gift for your Dad this Father’s Day from our range of unique and special gifts. Find a gift that will stop his bad habits and make him more organised or simply find him a gift that he can keep forever! For more information or if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, get in touch on 0845 6531048 or get in touch online and we’d be happy to help!