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Fantastic birthday presents under £15

Fantastic birthday presents under £15

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There’s no need to break the budget when it comes to buying birthday presents for family, friends and work colleagues. The Great Gift Company has a fantastic range of birthday presents that are perfect if you're looking to spend £15 or less. Take a look at the following fantastic birthday presents under £15 from The Great Gift Company!

Great birthday presents under £15

Kitchen Hacks (£8.00)

If you know someone who is a real foodie but is not a particular fan of spending time in the kitchen, then they’ll love the Kitchen Hacks Book from The Great Gift Company. Not only is the book a great value gift, it will save the lucky recipient time and frustration. On the front of this hardback book, it says “Uncommon solutions to common problems”. You can’t get much more ideal than that!

Why You’re So Awesome Book (£8.00)

Another book that’s the same price as Kitchen Hacks, the Why You’re So Awesome Book is a novelty book that is sure to please your recipient!

Fill in 50 reasons why you think they’re awesome and hand it over in this sweet little gift. A fantastic way of giving an affordable gift with that personal touch. 

Tech Tool Pen (£10.00)

Sleek in design, the Tech Tool Pen is most definitely a sophisticated gift for men. With an in-built flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a spirit level and ruler, this pen is perfect for all kinds of situations. 

Fabulous is a Full Time Job Frame (£9.00)

Show them that you understand it can be hard work being fabulous all the time. The frame features “Fabulous is a Full Time Job” in gold letters printed behind a glass frame. 

Bourbon Candle (£10.00)

Wow! The Bourbon Candle is alcohol-inspired and the perfect gift for a sophisticated person in your life. The scent is rich, deep and the outside packaging is a vintage-style glass holder.

Enjoy Today (£14.00)

You can’t go wrong with these words of wisdom printed on your morning mug! The Enjoy Today Mugs feature gold polka dots and will provide fantastic words for your friends and family to start their day. Simply brilliant!

Letters To Open When… (£11.00)

If you live far away from a friend or family member, you may want to fill in these twelve Letters To Open When… then hand over the box for your loved one to open at different times. 

More Special Birthday Gifts from The Great Gift Company

Whether you are looking for fantastic birthday gifts under £15, or perhaps would like to spend a little more on great value birthday gifts, take a look at the fantastic birthday gifts from The Great Gift Company. The Great Gift Company have great gifts for all occasions and for more information on any of them you can contact us online or call us directly on 0845 6531048.