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Do's and Don'ts on Father's Day

Do's and Don'ts on Father's Day

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Stick to these easy-to-follow ideas and give your daddio the perfect Father’s Day this year


·         Do call your dad on Father’s Day (or Skype him if he's very 21st Century), even just for a quick chat; he’ll love to know you were thinking of him. Perhaps forfeit this call if you happen to be with your dad on Father’s Day, he may think you’re a bit weird if you ring him for a catch up while sitting across the breakfast table from him

·         Do make some sort of food related gesture, whether this is breakfast in bed, a cream tea, or supper at his favourite restaurant. It’s a well-known fact that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

·         Do make a gift. If you can’t afford a present for dad or you simply want to go down the personal route then make him something he’ll love. Try a CD or playlist of his favourite songs, paint him a picture or even make him some IOU tokens, such as I owe you one mow of the lawn, or I owe you a tennis match. A very simple sentiment but if it means giving your dad a Father's Day gift break from his fatherly duties or spending some extra time with you, you can’t go wrong

·         Do bring out the childhood stories, tell your dad exactly what has made him so fantastic over the years, nothing says love like a bit of an ego boost

·         Do get the rest of the family together. Letting your dad know you love him will make his day, having the family round to celebrate him together will make his week


·         Don’t go crazy and spend a fortune. It’s nice to show your dad you think he’s great but you don’t need to do this with a new iPad or a trip to Paris. A homemade card, a cooked breakfast and a bear hug should do the trick

·         Don’t go down the novelty tie route. Unless your dad collects novelty ties of course, for the rest of the dads out there it’s just not cool

·         Don’t forget! Write the date down somewhere, especially if you have other siblings who will remember, you don’t want to lose your favourite child spot simply for forgetting the date. This year it’s Sunday 18th June

·         Don’t be vacant. If you’re spending the day with your dad don’t sit and stare at the television or spend the day on your phone! Concentrate on spending quality time with your dad. Go for a walk, play cricket, have a BBQ, whatever it is that floats his boat, make an effort to do it with him

·         Don’t think your father automatically knows how you feel, your father will be glowing with happiness at just a hug and a quick “you’re the best dad, love you”

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