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Don’t Struggle With Stocking Fillers

Don’t Struggle With Stocking Fillers

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When Christmas comes around, we once again struggle for ideas about what special gifts to give to our loved ones. From whisky sets to perfume bottles, we’re never quite sure whether our families will accept our gifts through politeness, or if they genuinely like them.

There’s one set of gifts we don’t need to worry about this year though, and that’s Stocking Fillers. Checkout the following range of Unusual Stocking Fillers that are sure to impress any family member this Christmas:

500 Words You Should Know (£10.00)

500 Words You Should Know

A stocking filler that provides knowledge? Yes please! 500 Words You Should Know book features words you thought you knew (nemesis, decimate), some you should know (tautology, diatribe) and some that you might like to know (shibboleth, callipygian)! The words are arranged by theme too!

Bath Pug (£8.00)

Bath Pug

Forget the plain old bath plug and opt for the Bath Pug this Christmas! It is a rubber pug in a rubber ring that floats on the top of the bath, while the detachable standard size bath plug is plugged in. The Bath Pug is the perfect stocking filler for children and dog lovers!

Bath Salts

Pair these with the Bath Pug for more elderly dog lovers in the family or simply add to any family member’s stocking for a bit of extra love! Combine 6 parts coarse sea salt with 3 parts Epsom salts and 1 part baking soda, then add your desired essential oils, for a perfect bath salt! You can also add your choice of food colouring to colour the salts.

Here at the Great Gift Company, we love: Lavender and chamomile (for the ultimate relaxation!), lemon grass and thyme (for herb-filled refreshment) and rose and peppermint (for a floral twist!).

Whatever essential oils and food colouring you add, you should store the bath salts in a labelled container to be sure to keep out moisture.

Bug Bingo (£20.00)

Bug Bingo

Bug Bingo has to win the award for the most random stocking filler! See what your loved ones make of it! It is a Bingo Game featuring 64 species of bugs and creepy crawlies from around the world and makes the perfect family game on Christmas Day!

These Unusual Stocking Fillers are perfect gifts to give to your loved ones this year to really show them how special they are and give them a bit of fun too! Visit The Great GIft Company for more Unusual Gift Ideas for Christmas.