Don't Stress about Secret Santa

Don't Stress about Secret Santa

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Although, we’ve not even reached autumn, it is never too early to start about purchasing your Christmas gifts. Let’s face it, when December comes, we’ve usually got quite a few gifts to tick off our ‘to do’ list and, by this time we’re often more concerned with going to Christmas parties, carol concerts and work’s ‘dos’ than trawling through manic high streets.

And the most put-off gifts? The gifts that most people end up putting off until the last minute are Secret Santa gifts, of course! Most people end up leaving it until the night before to nip to the supermarket to buy a £10 bottle of wine or box of chocolates (for the teetotal out there).

But don’t panic! The Great Gift Company want to revolutionize Secret Santa and this year, your Secret Santa gifts will be hassle-free, innovative and well received.

Take a look at three of our fantastic stocking-sized Secret Santa Gifts (and they’re all under £10).

The Flying Sock Monkey (£4.00)

1 2 3 Lift Off!!!!

The Flying Sock Monkey is one of the silliest yet funniest things we've come across in a while.

Pull back on the Sock Monkey's elastic hands and let him go, like you would a sling shot. As the Monkey is released he flies through the air, screaming as he goes.

It's not quite a sock. It's not really a monkey. And nor is it a slingshot. It's a... well, it's a Flying, Screaming Sock Monkey.

Best Ever Travel Tips (£5.00)

The Best Ever Travel Tips has been written by the expert Lonely Planet people and has 100 pages of top tips for travellers.

If your Secret Santa gift is for a keen traveller, then they’ll be impressed by this pocket-sized gem of a book. Best Ever Travel Tips will get them excited for their next holiday too!

The only problem: Don’t let them be disheartened though that you haven’t given them a holiday!

Beer Shower Gel (£6.00)

Cheers! A complete novelty gift, the beer shower gel is shaped like a beer bottle and filled with amber nectar coloured Shower Gel.

With a rope for easy hanging and a handy stopper to release and stop the gel, the Beer Shower Gel is light, smooth, and even has rich, creamy undertones like the froth on beer itself.

The beer shower gel is the only gift you can give to a beer lover, instead of a pint of their favourite ale.

Here at The Great Gift Company we pride ourselves on having the best and largest collection of Unusual Secret Santa Gifts. Have a look and enjoy! If you need some more advice, contact us on 0845 6531048.