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Dear Dad

Dear Dad

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Father’s Day. A thank you that lasts all year.

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June 2017 – the day when fathers and father figures including grandfathers, step-dads and fathers-in-law are honoured and acknowledged. Invented in the US in the early 1900’s, it is now celebrated in almost every country of the world and is the day to say thank you to the men who have been there for us and given us some pretty awesome hugs along the way.

Whether your father is the male equivalent of Mary Poppins or you only see him a few times a year, every father deserves to be recognised and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to stop and say thank you. Or remember. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t bask and grow several inches in the light of praise and thanks and the father figures in your life are probably no different.

Many dads are referred to by their children as “the Bank” and the men themselves probably smile wryly when they look in their wallets and find photos where there used to be cash! Secretly he probably loves being needed, even if it is as a human cash machine, but when was the last time he was properly, genuinely thanked without being asked for more?

Acknowledging everything he is and all that he does doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Have the children make him something.  Cook him his favourite meal.  Make a CD of music he will enjoy or clean his car. And don’t forget that spending time with him is often worth more than any gift.

Bill Cosby is famously quoted as saying that “Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope” – hopefully things have moved on a bit since then and there are now hundreds of inspired gifts available for dads, grandfathers and fathers-in-law that will make him feel happy and appreciated.

So whether you just want to say “thanks” or “I Love You” or “You’re the best dad in the whole world”, you’ll hopefully find some unique Father's Day Gifts on our site that will express exactly how you feel.

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